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The Western Railway officials have stated that Mumbai could get its first AC local from Churchgate to Borivali this year.

What Is It?

Okay firstly, why does Western Line have all the fun? What about us on the Central Line and the poor ostracized Harbour Line guys? Why can’t they be in the lime-light for once? So rants aside, Mumbai could possibly get its first AC local from Churchgate to Borivali in 2017. Initial plans stated that the much hyped train was to start running in September. However, this seems to be tentatively pushed to October. There’s a lot of conversation that October doesn’t look likely either so hopefully we get bragging rights about an air-conditioned local in Mumbai in 2017!

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mumbai local ac
Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times / Getty Images

What Else?

4 AC locals will be running daily. 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening – both during rush hours. The local will be able to hold a maximum capacity of 5964 individuals – 1,028 seated and 4,936 standees. The pricing is a little on the higher side – obviously! The cost structure of the tickets are similar to the Delhi Metro. It’s expected to range from ₹15 for 2-5 km, to ₹40 for 21-32 km.

Here’s a video of the test run of the AC train courtesy Youtube Channel – The Rail Junction



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