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The world’s first gold vending machine has been unveiled at Abu Dhabi in the UAE. You can get your very own gold bars now!

What Is It?

Move over your regular, boring money machines because the world’s first gold dispenser has been unveiled at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. This great invention is the creation of a German company and is soon set to have the option of using credit cards, but as of now it accepts the local currency.

This ‘Gold To Go’ machine gives out one, five and 10 gram gold bars as well as gold coins. This ATM gold machine tracks the latest price of gold and updates it every 10 minutes to match the international markets.

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What’s In It?

This ‘Golden Service’ came about keeping in mind Asian’s love for the yellow metal, so much so that the exterior of the vending machine is also coated with a thin layer of gold. All the gold is from Germany and soon the dispensed gold bars will be customized with the print of the Emirates Palace logo. Now wouldn’t that be a nice memento to keep at home?

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Where: Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi


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