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Watch sky lanterns float mid-air at the Bombay Lantern Festival at Marine Drive on 5th May. 

What Is It?

You might have seen the lit sky during Diwali, but the month of May marks another night on which the starry sky will be greeting you again. On 5th May, Mumbai will celebrate the first ever Bombay Lantern Festival at Marine Drive so you can bring in your sky lanterns and watch them float in the sky after the sun sets. 

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What’s The Significance? 

Letting a sky lantern go in mid-air signifies the feeling of ‘letting go’ and leaving behind the negative vibes. So Mumbai gives you a chance to let go of unpleasant memories and embrace in the future in a new light at the first ever lantern festival which will be held on 5th May from 8 PM onwards. 

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When: 5th May, 8 PM onwards
Where: Marine Drive
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