10 Things Every Mumbaikar Should Do Atleast Once In Their Lifetime

by Kamiya Jani
by Kamiya Jani 65584

When Hauterfly asked me to do a video on how to see Mumbai like a localite, the first thing I did was listed down 10 things that everyone who lives here would have done atleast once! I have grown up visiting these iconic places i.e. The Gateway of India (atleast 100 times) and doing those same old things i.e. having kala khatta gola at Juhu beach every time we had guests visiting us from out station.

And recently, after many years, I did all of those typical things for this video and suddenly started missing my childhood. This includes, standing outside Galaxy and waiting for Salman Khan to wave at me (which, BTW, never happened).

Double-decker buses are such a rare sight in the city now. Believe it or not – while shooting for this video I chased down a double-decker bus on a crowded road for 5 kms (ofcourse, in a car!). And as you know that – time, tide and BEST bus drivers wait for none, I had my driver block his way when he finally overtook the big bus. Just so that I could get in. #cheapthrills

Never mind, why don’t you watch the video and share your memories in your comments below.  Follow me on Instagram: kamiya_jani


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