130-Year-Old Cheese Shop Is Closing Its Doors In America

cheese shop
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Talk about cheese in America with its locals, and I am sure someone will mention the name of Alleva Dairy. Alleva Dairy is the oldest cheese shop in America, established in the year 1892 and is everyone’s favorite.  The little Italy cheese store will be closing its doors this March after a long battle with its landlords over back rent. Here is what people will be missing the most from this place after its closure. 

People Will Miss America’s Oldest Cheese Shop 

This 130-year-old cheese shop is known for its fresh mozzarella cheese and ricotta in America. The shop was very different from other stores because of its excellent selection of Italian cheese and more. They used to sell deli meats like prosciutto di Parma, capicola, and Genoa salami by the pound. These meats were not only sold to customers, but also to various sandwich shops such as Bronx.

Bronx is a flavorful sandwich made up of roasted peppers, provolone, balsamic, mortadella, hot peppers, and hot sopressata. They were also used in other sandwiches, like the Manhattan, with roast beef and turkey. This cheese shop is nothing less than a destination for all cheese lovers. People are surely going to miss the freshly made mozzarella cheese here. They also served the best cannoli, which are Italian pastries with tube-shaped shells. 


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The Closure Is The Result Of failure To Pay Back Rent

Alleva Dairy will be closing its doors on March 5. The COVID shutdown led to a loss of business for this cheese shop in America. The shop filed for bankruptcy in September 2022 while battling over unpaid rent with the landlord. The fundraising efforts appeared to help with avoiding closure, but they were ineffective as well. The store and the landlord came to a compromise where they will be forgiven for the back rent but will have to vacate the premises. 


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Did you ever visit this cheese shop in America?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia