Try Out These 7 Japanese Delicacies In Mumbai!

by Anindya and Chandani 2381

Japanese cuisine is filled with delicacies that are equal degree exciting and exotic. From Sushi to Shabu-Shabu, their subtlety and taste remain unparalleled among all cuisines. That is why we’ll tell you the best places to try these 7 Japanese delicacies in Mumbai itself!

1. Sushi at RUKA

Making Sushi is more of an art than cooking. There are special Sushi chefs in the world who have spent years in perfecting their art and achieved divine status for their recipes. When you combine cooked vinegared rice with either seafood, vegetables or fish (sometimes meat) or occasionally fruits – you get sushi. Key ingredients in sushi is the rice. All the ingredients are rolled with one another, with each layer precisely tasting like the specific ingredient. Sushi is mostly served with Soy Sauce and Wasabe. It is often confused with sashimi. Sashimi are cut slices of fish or meat along with an optional plate of rice. In case you are new to the cuisine and want to start with sushi, I suggest you try out the California Maki Rolls – very popular and very yumm!

5 Japanese Delicacies You Must Try


Where: RUKA
Approx Cost for Two: ₹3000
Address: 462 A.B. Nair Road, Opposite Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai
Contact: 022 33956142

2. Japanese curry rice at Umame

Brought into the country by the Indian immigrants, it was quickly assimilated into the Japanese culture with Japanese ingredientsLike Indian curry, Japanese curry rice has varied degree of spice levels with customized rice servings – based on how much the diner feels like consuming. However, the taste is entirely different from any Indian or Thai curry that you would have tasted. It is bold yet subtle, spicy yet light on the stomach and can be described as a comfort food.  It’s divine.

5 Japanese Delicacies You Must Try

Japanese Curry Rice

 Where: Umame
Approx Cost for Two:₹3000
Address: 1st Floor, East Wing, Cambata Building, Near Eros Theatre, Churchgate, Mumbai
Contact: 022 30151701

3. Unagi at Yuuka

Remember Ross and Unagi? Ya, this has nothing to do with that. Unagi is an eel preparation and it enjoys a celebrity status in Japan. Something like Kobe Beef or the Kardashians. It is tender and is glazed with sauce that can only be described in my limited culinary vocabulary as Teriyaki sauce.  The most common dish with unagi is called unagi-don – which is unagi served on a bed of rice. However, it is also served in the form of sushi, where also it is cooked and glazed.

5 Japanese Delicacies You Must Try


Where: Yuuka – The St. Regis
Approx Cost for Two: ₹8000
Address: The St. Regis, 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Contact: 022 30151995

4. Ramen at The Fatty Bao

The Maggi of Japan! Ramen is by far the most popular food in the country and has a humongous following. There specialized Ramen chefs in Japan with small shops across the country cooking different types of Ramen. But if you have to enjoy Ramen, then you have to dine at a traditional Japanese ramen restaurant. What separates Ramen from its counterparts, are its varieties and how strong are the ingredients used and how subtle the manufactured taste. It’s incredible! From using Bamboo shoots, bean strouts, pork, beef – Ramen uses all kinds of ingredients.  Try it out and try it out in Japan.

5 Japanese Delicacies You Must Try


Where: The Fatty Bao
Approx Cost for Two:₹2000
Address: Ground Floor, Summerville, Junction of 14th and 33rd Road, Linking Road, Bandra West
Contact: 022 26005220

5. Shabu-Shabu at Heng Bok

An incredibly delicious version of the Hot Pot. Shabu-Shabu is usually the main food at family get-togethers or festivities. It is by far the simplest of all Japanese cuisine. Thin slices of beef or pork is served. Cook it in a pot of boiling water kept at the table. The water is usually stocked with loads of veggies. Sound simple enough? The result is absolutely delicious!  Is it the water? The meat? Or the dipping sauce? Nobody knows.

5 Japanese Delicacies You Must Try

Shabu Shabu

Where: Heng Bok
Approx Cost for Two: INR 2,500
Address:11/1, Kalpak Corner Building, Near Notan Heights, Turner Road, Near Bandra Talao, Bandra West
Contact: 022 62215511

6. Tuna Tatakai at Kofuku

Tataki also called tosa-mi is a gorgeous preparation that mixes tuna (the other variant is horse-meat) with ginger, green onions or shiso leaves, garlic and soy sauce. I love tataki and the thin slices you get at Kofuku are an absolute must-try.


Where: Kofuku
Approx Cost for Two: ₹2,300
Address:6th Floor, Suburbia Mall, Linking Road, Bandra West
Contact:022 30151018

7. Chicken Katsudon at The Blue

This rice dish is ideally served with pork in Japan but The Blue has a chicken rendition of it. While i love my pork, i can’t really complaint about this delicious dish either. Expect a decent portion of rice topped with a deep-fried chicken, egg, vegetables, and condiments.


Where: The Blue
Approx Cost for Two: ₹1,500
Address: Shop 1, Sai Pooja Building, 16th Road & 33rd Road Junction, Pali Hill
Contact:022 26000888

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