5 Monster Fries In Dubai That Will Freak You Out!

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by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1963

Fries or salad? Isn’t that the toughest question to answer? But, common we all go weak in front of those crispy, golden brown fries and even worse if it comes with additional twists and turns. Even the normal, salted fries are divine but these 5 french fries are the best in Dubai and are truly transcendent.

From tandoori style, Delhi Fries to the street-style Cajun and Boca’s special potato chips, here are top 5 fries in Dubai you definitely must try!

1. Tun Tun Fries At That Place Cafe

Ever considered Spicy Maggi as a topping for French Fries? Tun Tun Fries at That place Cafe adds desi style curry maggi on fries. The place serves tenderly soft stuffed buns with almost every filling you can think of including Biryani. However, their maggi fries will definitely make you push the buns aside for a while.

Where:Behind Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Al Karama

Contact: +97143370100

Price: AED 17

Credits: That Place Cafe Facebook

Credits: That Place Cafe Facebook

2. Cajun Fries At Five Guys

If you like fast food fries, Five Guys might your best friend. Five Guys’ Cajun fries definitely tops the list when it comes to street style fries. And the best part- they serve it in a paper cup and then the waiter transfers them onto a paper bag, to prevent them from becoming soggy. Genius, right?

Where: Several outlets in Dubai

Contact: 04 3804117

Price: AED 18 onwards

Credits: Five Guys Facebook

Credits: Five Guys Facebook

3. Boca Potato Chips At Boca

Fancy fries drizzled with Bravas sauce and Mayo? Boca does just that to their crispy fries. The fries are thick, golden brown and are generously drenched either in Aioli and Bravas sauce or the good old Truffle Mayo. Do not make the mistake of ordering just one, you definitely might not want to share!

Where: Gate Village 6, DIFC

Contact: 04 3231833

Price: AED 55 for Aioli and Bravas sauce, AED 70 for Truffle Mayo

Credits: Boca Facebook

Credits: Boca Facebook

4. Angry Fries At Blaze Burgers

This place is super generous when it comes to their fries. Firstly, they let you choose your potato- scoopers, fries, chips, they have it all. And then you add your topping. From plain fries to cajun, reloaded and chilly cheese fries, Blaze Burgers has a good line of options. However, their Angry Fries are sure to make you head back here. Loaded with melted cheese, spicy sauce, jalapeños, and roasted pepper, these fries are definitely not for the faint-tongued!

Where: Sadaf, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence

Contact: 80025293

Price: AED 30

Credits: Blaze Burgers Facebook

Credits: Blaze Burgers Facebook

5. Smoky Jar Fries At Falla

Fries in a jar anyone? Falla serves a good variety of fries alongside their burgers but their Smoky Jar Fries are one of the kind in town. Ever heard of beef in fries? The Smoky Jar fries come topped with smoky beef, drenched in a selection of cheese- Colby, cheddar, and Monterey, finally drizzled with spicy caramel sauce. While the presentation is mind-blowing, the fries itself are an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Where: Near Umm Suqeim Heath Center, Umm Suqeim

Contact: 80032552, 04 3806646

Price: AED 30

Credits: Falla Facebook

Credits: Falla Facebook


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