5 Places To Enjoy Loaded Burgers In Dubai Under AED40

Loaded Burgers In Dubai
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 253

Food is BAE; whether you like pizzas, pasta, or burgers, there’s something about our favourite food that instantly uplifts our mood. And in Dubai, we can find our favourite dishes at any given point. Now, if your favourite food is the burger and you don’t want to spend an insane amount on it, then here are five places that serve the loaded burgers in Dubai for under AED40. Read on, and we are sure you’ll crave burgers right away.

Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Loaded Burgers In Dubai Under AED40

1. Shake Shack

If you live in Dubai, you know about Shake Shack. The popular fast food joint is located across Dubai and serves some of the best-loaded burgers in town. Try their Hot Chicken Loaded Burger for AED36, the famous Shack Burger for AED30, and so much more. If you are vegetarian, they also have Shroom Burger, made of mushrooms for AED30. Besides, their hot dogs are famous, so you must try that too.


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2. Big Smoke Burger

Located in Al Safa Dubai, Big Smoke Burger is known for its flavours and burger varieties. You must try their Crazy Burger loaded with cheese, fries, meat, sauces, and so much more for AED38. And if you want to enjoy some American flavours, their classic American Cheeseburger for AED38 is a great option.

3. Five Guys

Located in Downtown Dubai, Five Guys is an American burger joint that serves limited but best burgers in Dubai. For their burgers, they have only four options, but each of them is tasty, filling, and rich in meat and flavours. You must try the OG Hamburger for AED39 and classic little Cheeseburger for AED35.


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4. Krush Burger

Another hidden gem in Downtown serves some authentic beef burgers. If you love beef burgers, Krush Burger is your place to be. Try their Krush Beef burger for AED19, and you’ll thank us for the recommendation. Chicken lovers should try their Maple Siracha Chicken Burger for AED19, a blend of sweet, spicy, and savoury.


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5. High Joint

When we talk about burgers, High Joint is one eatery that has to be on your list is High Joint. Launched a while ago, this humble eatery is a haven for burger lovers. You must try their High Burger for AED36.75, and you’ll love what you get. Loaded with American cheese, tomato, onion, and beef, this burger is everything delicious.


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