5 Things To Do At Haji Ali Naka During Ramadan Under INR 300

by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja 22181
If you visit Haji Ali this Ramadan, eating & shopping is mandatory! During Ramadan, visit the Haji Ali Naka and get shopping as well as eating done within ₹300! Here’s all that we could find –

1. Halwa Paratha (₹40) 

Looking for something sweet to end your meal? The Halwa Paratha here is sold by the kilo. Lavished with maida roti, this halwa and roti make the perfect combo!

2. Chaurasia’s Meetha Paan (₹10)

Don’t miss out on this legendary paan that bursts with fresh flavours. 

3. Sahib’s Attar (₹100)

Choose from naturally processed fragrances like Jasmine, fruity, Rose & more.

4. Fancy shades (₹100)

In the scorching heat, these fancy shades will definitely protect you from the sun rays!

5. Rice Key Chain (₹40)

Make a memory this Ramadan & get your name imprinted on rice. 


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