5 Unique Varieties Of Momos You Never Knew Existed

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 135

Momos originated in the Nepali and Tibetan regions. It is a very popular and loved dish in North India and North-east India, especially in Delhi. The authentic steamed momos have come a long way. This has given rise to various fusion dishes from pizza momos to butter chicken momos. Here are 5 different types of momos you never knew existed around the subcontinent.

1. Kothe Momos

It is a traditional and authentic style of Himalayan momos. Kothe Momos are half-moon-shaped dumplings that are pan-fried and sprinkled with mild spices. A dash of fried ginger makes this dish so unique and delicious. You can eat this authentic delicious momos in any Himalayan restaurant.

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2. Vodka Momos

It is a fantastic dish made with Vodka infused batter. The popular Vodka Momos has regular stuffing inside with a hint of Vodka, and a delectable gravy all over it. The stuffings are marinated in Vodka to bring out an extra boozy flavour. Try these soft, spicy, and boozy momos.

3. Shago Shabril Momos

Shago Shabril Momos is the traditional classic blend of mashed potatoes and succulent meat wrapped inside the dough, traditionally paired with green mint chutney. The combination is surely heavenly.

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4. Pizza momos

If you are confused between having momos or pizza for the evening. Try this pizza momo that is a combination of both. Regular steamed momos topped with red pizza sauce and cheese.

5. Butter Chicken Momos

Who doesn’t love butter chicken? Nobody is complaining about this fusion food. If you are craving butter chicken and momos this is the right combination for you. These momos are tossed in butter chicken gravy and are delicious. Momo-lovers around the world are going gaga over this.

Indulge in these different types of momo you never knew existed.

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