7 Reasons Why Ghatkopar Khau Galli Is Every Vegetarian’s Dream

by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja 289842

Serving an eclectic range of street food, Ghatkopar’s Khau Galli is one of the most well-known khau galli in the city! Here are incredible dishes you can try here –

1. Ice Cold Pani Puri

Enjoy ice cold pani puri from Jai Durga Center at only ₹30. Available in theekha and meetha flavours that will burst in your mouth, no street meal is complete without a plate of pani puri. 

2. Cheesy Pink Pasta

Why choose between white sauce & red sauce when you can have both! A classic combination of tanginess of red sauce & creamy white sauce. Enjoy a mouthful of cheesy steaming  goodness with this Pink Pasta (₹150). This tiny stall is a Branch of WTC (World Trade Centre) pasta corner called Manoj Pasta.

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3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich  

There’s nothing like a classic sandwich to lift your spirits! Bite into cheesy goodness filled with veggies & grilled bread at ₹120. 

4. 45 Variants Of Dosa

Sai Swad Dosa is the oldest joint here serving 45 types of dosas. Dosas here are made with oodles of butter and then stuffed with a succulent veggie mixture. This buttery, cheesy dosa is Mumbai’s roadside answer to the pizza! (₹180).

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5. Dabeli 

Dabeli is a spicy potato mixture with onions, chutney & masala peanuts. This could make for the perfect appetiser (₹20).

6. Roller Coaster Ice Cream 

Fresh cut fruits are put in the ‘rollercoaster’ with milk & ice. Removing it using a shredder,  the ice cream is ready to be eaten! Yummy real fruit ice cream straight out of a mini roller coaster! (₹70).

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7. Kiwi Blossom Milkshake

Slurp down this delicious kiwi milkshake with ice cream. The richness, creaminess & fruit punch is to die for ₹120. 

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