6 Types Of (Almost) Vegetarians You Definitely Will Come Across


We all have come across those vegetarians who have their own versions of veg food and the best part is to listen to the arguments they put forward for eating veg food. You cannot win these arguments because they will not agree with your rational thoughts and somehow will get you to leave non- veg! You will find these people in your office, in your own house and your friend circle, just beware and don’t fall into their trap.

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Type 1 – Veg On Selective Days 
This the most famous type, they are creeping around everywhere. They will give you the most bizarre reason to not eat non-veg with no rational thought behind it, with no logic whatsoever! ‘Aj Monday hai’ what does that even mean? ‘Aj Friday hai’ and the best ones are those who avoid eating on match days, ‘I am fasting for the IPL’, dude there is no point if you fast for IPL, it is already fixed! (I see a lot of negative comments coming right at me)

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Type 2- Shaming Non-Vegetarians
This a pure breed of Vegetarians, they will make you feel guilty, shame you, diss you for even talking about chicken and mutton. And god forbid if you ever mention pork or beef in front of them, get ready for a rant #GauIsMata. Well, I get where they are coming from, killing all kinds of animals is wrong. But I prefer keeping this thought to myself, it has a lot to do with your belief system.

Type 3- No Eggs Please
This one is interesting, eggs are also selectively non-veg, didn’t you know that? Eggs in cakes are fine because egg in cake is not visible directly, so they convince themselves that eggs are not non-veg and gladly munch on non-veg cakes. But boiled eggs are a big no-no for these selective vegetarians #HypocricyMax

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Type 4 – Gravy Chalega
As long as they don’t eat any meat pieces it is all good! They are tempted by the gravy but will never try getting around eating meat. They will also make you order boneless gravy items so that it becomes easier for them to eat. Because #WhyNot? All the non-vegetarians stop sharing your gravy with them, fight for your gravy!

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Type 5 – Non-Veg Only Under Alcohol Influence
These are mostly your friends who slide into your plate after two or three bottles of beer because alcohol has that influence on them. They see no difference between veg and non-veg. Wait for a few more drinks, these so-called vegetarians will end up eating more than non-vegetarians #Partyy

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Type 6 – Eggetarians
They will give you weird looks if you offer them chicken or mutton, but they have no problem with eggs be it boiled, egg omelet, egg rice. These eggetarians are hanging in between veg and non-veg eaters, they will not agree that they eat non-veg but will also say they are vegetarians. (They are the new Targaryen, all the time they will argue about not eating non-veg, but will always end up eating it. #BreakerOfNon-Veg )

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