Finish This 1.2 KG Burger In Dubai & You Get It For FREE

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 10091

On this episode of You Vs Food, we have Yohaan & Rafeez battling it out with the monster Burger that weighs 1.2 kg and is priced at AED 349. The city’s newest 50’s themed restaurant- Sauce, in Habtoor City, Dubai hosted its first ever burger eating competition. Think you can handle a beast burger? Well, we did and here’s what happened!

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The Burger Weighs 1.2KG & You Have To Finish It In 35 Minutes!

SAUCE, located in Al Habtoor City, are hosting their first ever burger eating competition, this Saturday, 18 September from 1pm – Midnight.

Burger lovers who can handle a massive 1.2kg burger can sign up for the challenge. The burger is made of beef patties, ribs, onion rings, bacon, cheese and sauces all packed in a homemade bun. The beast burger can only be eaten by one person. But wait, the challenge is not that! Participants have to finish eating the monster burger under 35 minutes. Those who complete the challenge get the burger for FREE. But, in case you aren’t able to polish it off, you’ll have to pay the price of AED 349.

The monster burger is also served with a large iced tea, which is not mandatory to finish. The burger is also available on the menu for regular diners, so those who don’t wish to participate can also grab a bite. And yes, you can share it if you aren’t taking part in the eating challenge. Only 10 competitors can take place so first 10 to walk-in and order can try the challenge. Diners don’t need to book for this, they can just walk in and order.

The competition is a bi-monthly activity, scheduled on every other Saturday. So, in case you miss this one, there’s another one coming up on Saturday, 2 October.

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What Else Can Diners Expect At Sauce?

The restaurant has retro interiors with waitresses serving food on roller skates. At the entry, the restaurant has a huge diner sign that looks vibrant. Right from bright red outdoor benches to monochrome flooring and bright blue booth seating, this cafe is everything retro.

Indulge In Monster Shakes, Classic Burgers & More

Apart from breakfast, Sauce is also a perfect spot for dinner or even a quick bite. Foodies can pick from more than 20 sauces like Blue Cheese Mayo, Beetroot Mayo, Siracha Mayo, Chipotle Aioli, Melted Cheese with Jalapeño, etc. that you can choose to pair with your salad, big dishes such as truffle cream pizza, Wagyu beef burger, DXB hotdog and more. And while having a yummy portion of food, don’t forget to try the oversized monster milkshakes. You can relish the classic cotton candy shake, Cookies and cream shake and more while sitting on the retro bar swivel chairs.


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The diner has an all American vibe and will surely change your mood instantly. It will teleport you to a retro era, which is much again needed in this modern world. The restaurant is open every day between noon and midnight.


Location– Noora Tower, Al Habtoor City, Dubai
Timings: Open Daily 8.30am – 1am daily
Contact: 056 538 8388

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