A Week-Long Sri Lankan Food Extravaganza Is Coming To Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre This November!

Chronicles Of Ceylon
by Deeplata Garde

Nestled in the heart of Dubai, the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre is causing a stir in the culinary world. Say hello to its latest offering, ‘Chronicles of Ceylon’. This exceptional event, hosted at the hotel’s Medley Restaurant, is a celebration of Sri Lankan culture, entertainment, and delectable cuisine. Here’s all about the event that will take place between the November 24-26, 2023

Exploring ‘Chronicles of Ceylon’ At Medley Restaurant

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, in continuation of its 25 years of hospitality, is bringing its patrons its first ever ‘Chronicles of Ceylon’ – celebrating Sri Lankan culture, entertainment and food – which will feature a multitude of events and exciting food and beverage activations.

Chronicles of Ceylon‘ introduces exquisite dishes inspired by different regions of Sri Lanka. Expect some gastronomic delights from the North, South, Central, Cosmopolitan, and Rural Sri Lanka. Each dish pays homage to the region’s rich culinary heritage, allowing guests to embark on a delightful culinary journey through the island nation.

Renowned for its international cuisine, Medley Restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for ‘Chronicles of Ceylon’. The restaurant’s sophisticated decor and inviting ambience harmonise with the vibrant flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine. Get ready for an elevated dining experience in Dubai.

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A Cultural Odyssey From Sri Lanka

‘Chronicles of Ceylon‘ offers more than just a foodie adventure. It’s a cultural immersion that brings the spirit of Sri Lanka to Dubai. From traditional music to authentic decor, every aspect of the event is carefully designed to transport guests to the heart of Sri Lanka.

This initiative by Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre demonstrates the hotel’s dedication to offering diverse and enriching experiences for its guests. It’s not merely about serving delectable food but it’s also about narrating its tales through cuisine; in turn, creating fond memories.

What’s On The Menu?

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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The talented chefs Roziro Methias (Executive Chef) & Dammika Herath (Executive Pastry Chef) have curated a menu that pays homage to the heritage of Sri Lanka. The buffet is a beautiful combination of 25 salads and appetisers, 25 mains and desserts. And guess what? Each course will have varieties inspired by the different regions of the country.

Hailing from the Southern part of Sri Lanka, the menu created by Chef Roziro Methias includes specialities like Fish Ambul thiyal and Garlic and Mushroom Curry, served alongside Red Rice. Then comes the vegetarian options that would consist of Polos Ambula and Kiri Koss Curry. Both vegetarian recipes include slow-cooked jackfruit curries. The fragrant Keeri Samba Rice, a delicious Beef curry, Bottle gourd mustard curry, and Tempered beans all are offerings from the Central region.

The chefs have created dishes like Pepper Chicken with onion and curry leaves, Tempered potatoes, and a Leek curry inspired by the Cosmopolitan region. In the Rural region, people prefer authentic dishes like Venison dry fry, Mutton black curry, and Papaya curry and that’s exactly what the chefs plan to serve at this food extravaganza in Dubai.

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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The Pop-Up At Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

The event is set to commence with 2 pop-ups. The first pop-up is from November 21 to 26th November 2023. , and will be hosted by renowned fashion designer Ramona Oshini. Her label, based in Colombo, merges classic styles with contemporary design components. It creatively incorporates ancestral artisanal methods, like batik, on various natural materials. The second exhibit at ‘Chronicles Of Ceylon’ is by Island People.Co, Interior Designer Kaushali Fernando from 24 to 26 November. She is a Dubai-based designer who will put on display hand-woven textiles and décor using ancient techniques from female artisans in Sri Lanka.

Savour More Heirloom Recipes

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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Kiru Kishokumar, a renowned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach along with the chefs, Roziro Methias and Dammika Herath, will represent Jaffna recipes. These recipes are special as they have been passed down via three generations in the region. Expect Northern dishes like Jaffna Odiyal Kool (Jaffna Seafood soup), Meen Varai (Fish Scrabble) Prawn curry, White Brinjal curry and Cuttlefish curry.

Bringing the food of her Malay heritage will be Ruzaina Hadgie. Ruzaina is a celebrated spokesperson for Sri Lankan cuisine and a food enthusiast. Working alongside Chef Roziro and Chef Dammika will be recreating special dishes, such as Sri Lankan Babath curry – an iconic and rare delicacy, prepared with a luscious gravy based on Ruzaina’s grandmother’s recipe; the Pittu, Malay pickle (Achar), Rawon oxtail soup and the famous dessert Wattalapam.

Best Condiments To Complement Your Food

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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Each regional menu be it from North, South or Cosmopolitan, comes with its range of condiments. The list of condiments provided includes Katta Sambal, Pineapple pickle, and Wood apple chutney. These condiments perfectly complement the dishes from the main course.

What’s For Desserts?

Chronicles Of Ceylon

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Every meal needs a sweet ending be it from any nation. And to finish this exquisite Sri Lankan meal, the chefs have created exceptional desserts. Indulge in Kalu Dodol, Aluwa, Kokis, and Sri Lankan Chocolate Roll Cake.

‘Chronicles of Ceylon’ at Medley Restaurant is a must-visit event for both food enthusiasts and culture aficionados. Whether you’re a fan of Sri Lankan cuisine or eager to explore something new, this event guarantees an unforgettable gourmet voyage. So, why delay? Embark on a culinary adventure with ‘Chronicles of Ceylon’ at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre.

Where: Medley Restaurant, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre
When: November 24-25, 2023, Dinner from 7 pm to 10:30 pm | November 26, 2023, Brunch from 1 pm to 4 pm
Cost: AED 175 for food and soft beverages. Alcohol charges as per consumption.
Contact: Call or WhatsApp +971 55 959 1018
Email: h2022-fb2@accor.com
Link: https://www.pullman-dubai-creek-citycentre.com/chronicles-of-ceylon

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