An Elegant Diner, Reef & Beef Is Coming To Dubai To Serve You The Town’s Best Seafood & Steak

Reef & Reef
by Deeplata Garde

Who doesn’t fancy some steak and wine? But finding an elegant spot to relish the finest steak is a task. So if you want to assure that the steak’s ageing, marinating and sous-vide-ing have been done just right, we have a new suggestion for you. The bonus is that you can also relish fresh catch at the same restaurant. So try the steak and seafood at the upcoming Reef & Beef restaurant in Dubai.

Reef & Beef Is Set To Offer The Town’s Best Steak & Seafood


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The scarlet and black shades make it look sleek with light making the whole set-up shimmer in elegance. The curvy elongated bar looks dapper and ornates the restaurant. The overall appeal is rustic and charming here.

Not just the walls and the other elements are decorated at Reef & Beef. It’s hard to resist clicking the aesthetically pleasing dishes served here. Be it the fresh seafood or the cured and smoked piece of meat, the flavour drips and is quite evident just from one look.

The classy yet cosy atmosphere of this upcoming restaurant will make you visit again for sure.

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Let’s Dig In!


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A culinary journey to savour the best of the steak town is here in Dubai with Reef & Beef!
Enjoy the famous “Nebraska Beef,” a meal that will leave you hankering for more, or the delicious Dover Sole, which is cooked to perfection and has delicate flavours that scream out at you. The Patagonian Black Cod, which has unrivalled flavours, is a must-try for seafood fans.


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A genuinely unique dining experience can be had at Reef & Beef thanks to the restaurant’s interior design, which takes you to a different era and location with antique accents and rustic appeal. While taking in the atmosphere and indulging in a wide variety of wine collections, sunset cocktails, and mixology libations, guests can listen to live music.

Mansur Basam, the owner of Reef & Beef has three successful ventures in Germany. So we can easily make out his love and passion for flavours and it is evidently reflected in his curated dishes. Rest assured you can simply walk into this upcoming restaurant and relish the town’s best Reef & Beef!

Where: Downtown Dubai

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release