Are You A Kickass Drinker Or An Eater? This Food Challenge Is Definitely For You!

by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja 178

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Do you think you can chug beer? Or finish an entire pizza? Or even a cheesecake? Well, tune into Curly Tales presents You VS Food!

What Is It?

Do you think you’re a kickass drinker or eater? Do you think you have it in you to emerge as a winner against food? Then participate in the You VS Food challenge by Curly Tales and become a winner!

For the first episode, we’ve got Lighthouse Cafe’s 2 pints of beer, that you have to chug as fast as possible. Our winner was able to do it within 13 seconds, but the winner at the cafe’s Hall Of Fame board chugged his beer boot within 4.99 seconds!

The second challenge is the mighty cheesecake! Finish this cheesecake within 30 seconds and you become a winner! But here’s the catch, you need to be handcuffed and you can’t use your hands for this. Do you think you can?

The third challenge is the sinful deep-dish Chicago style pizza. Finish this up within 20 minutes and you can become the winner!

How To Participate

Think you’re the ultimate foodie? Would you like to participate in the upcoming challenge? Stay tuned on our Instagram handle for more announcements or write to us on 


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