Belgian Waffle Factory In Bengaluru Is A Haven For Waffle Lovers

by Kamiya Jani
by Kamiya Jani 8326

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Bringing to you a collection of the most delicious, crunchy and yummy waffles from the Namma City. We found this amazing waffle joint in Bengaluru called Belgian Waffle Factory.

What Is It?

Naimun Khan and his wife started with a mission to serve the best waffles in the city. The founders were traveling to Belgium and tried the waffles there for desert. After coming back to India, they started looking for those perfect Belgian waffles but couldn’t find any. They ended up starting their own Belgian Waffle Factory. Highly guarded secret recipe of the traditional Belgian Waffles have travelled from Belgium to Bengaluru. This is right next to St. Josephs and is a popular hangout joint for kids!

Types of Waffles

1. Original Belgian waffle
2. Chocolate Waffle
3. Bubble Waffle ( first to introduce in India )
4. Red Velvet
5. Savoury waffles

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