Top 10 Best Biryani Places In Delhi That Will Make You Drool

Best Biryani Places
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 8886

Our top pick for healthy food is without a doubt Biryani. Okay, it’s carbs but also protein, cut us some slack! A big bowl of rice with raita makes us feel like home, away from home. Arabs, Turks, Mughals chale gaye, Biryani chod gaye, thank God for that. We have much to thank the Muslim community for, Ghalib’s Urdu, Eid’s Sewai but, Biryani is at the top of the list. Over the years Biryani has become part of Delhi’s daily diet and everyone has their own version of it. Let’s surf through some of our best Biryani places from fine to street.

1. Biryani by the Kilo

Best Biryani Places

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Isn’t the name everything you need to know? They literally deliver Biryani to your doorstep, by the kilo! Moreover, it comes beautifully packaged in a handi sealed with dough, on a candle which you can light to heat it up before serving. They have redefined dum Biryani across Delhi NCR.

Where: Home delivery

2. Kolkata Biryani House

Best Biryani Places

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As a loyal resident of Delhi’s mini Bengal, it is our duty to open its magical gates to the rest of the world. Bengali Biryani is a whole other game altogether. Everybody knows Bengalis are obsessed with rice so expect a large serving. When you dig into the mountain of rice, your forks will cut through not just meat but also potatoes! A surprising treat for aloo lovers like us.

Where: Chittaranjan Park

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3. Andhra Bhawan

Best Biryani Places

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It’s no secret that no one does Biryani like Hyderabad but, Delhiites don’t need to leave the city every time they have a craving. Instead, we brought Hyderabad to us. Andhra Bhawan serves Biryani only on Sundays and sells more than 600 plates every week! The numbers speak for themselves.
Where: Connaught Place

4. Dil Pasand Biryani

Best Biryani Places

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We think we would love this city less if Jama Masjid was not part of it. We’re not religious, except when it comes to food. Biryani is our religion and we’re devoted to appeasing the gods by eating as much Biryani as possible. This is easy at Jama Masjid because of the overload of food. Dil Pasand are true to their name and our hearts.

Where: Jama Masjid

5. Iqbal Biryani

Best Biryani Places

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Nizamuddin Dargah is one of our favourite places in Dilli. Paradise for shutterbugs, sufi souls and devotees, the Dargah truly carries god’s touch. Every Thursday evening the city’s best qawwali night is right here with belief in the air. The fact that we get Moradabadi Biryani here too makes it a perfect night out. Buff Biryani served with piping hot dal makes this one of the best Biryani places in the city.

Where: Nizamuddin Dargah

6. Babu Shahi Bawarchi

Best Biryani Places

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People flock from all over the city to try out the Biryani here. Chicken and Mutton are both equally popular. Among the best places for Biryani, this royal roadside stall is not for the light hearted or shall I say cholesterol conscious. Shahi chefs do have a tendency to overdo it after all but it’s always up to kingly standards.

Where: Pragati Maidan

7. Namak Mandi

Best Biryani Places

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As a relatively new player in town, this restaurant has gained a lot of attention very fast. Even their vegetarian Biryani was good enough for us to finally say that veg Biryani exists. It’s mostly hard to get a table here because their food is just that good. It’s surely one of the best Biryani places in town.

Where: DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

8. Dum Pukht

Best Biryani Places

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Fine dining has never been finer. They have maintained the status of one of the best Biryani places for years in Delhi and rightly so. The Parda Biryani here is extremely famous and a must try for Biryani lovers.

Where: ITC Sheraton

9. Beeryani

Best Biryani Places

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If you like your food spicy, then this makes it to the best Biryani places for you. They will leave you crying for water and you will love it. Don’t forget to order all kinds of appetisers to start your spice cruise early.

Where: Multiple outlets

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10. Delhi 6 – Delivers food from Old Delhi

Best Biryani Places

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Pakistani Biryani has gained a lot of fame from them. They deliver straight from the lap of goodness in Delhi 6 to your doorstep, wherever you are. Keep in mind that they require prior notice of 24 hours but, it is worth it!

Where: Home delivery

We have gone to the ends of the world [read: city] to bring you this list. But, don’t take our word for it. Try out the best Biryani places and make your own list! Remember, Biryani is healthy.

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