20 Best Burgers In Pune In 2019

by Pratiksha Acharya
by Pratiksha Acharya5658

A lot of great things happened in 1996, but the greatest of all was McDonald’s opening its very first outlet in India. And the rest, as they say, is history. The burger frenzy that gripped the nation was absolutely insane and has still managed to stay put 23 years after it’s an introduction to the Indian audience. And it isn’t just limited to the McAloo Tikki anymore with burger joints opening up across the country like mushrooms. And the city of Pune is not too far behind. With a plethora of eateries serving up great burgers, we decided to try out some of them. And that’s how we came up with a list of the best burgers in Pune. Go ahead, take a look.

1. Cheesy Chicken Burger At Burger 11, Delivery Only

When the hunger pangs strike while the rest of the world sleeps, nothing tastes better than a warm burger with oodles of cheese and a thick chicken patty. And the Cheesy Chicken Burger at Burger 11 is just that. After a night of drinking, this has to be your go-to.

Burger 11

Image Credits: Zomato

Address – Delivery in and around Kalyani Nagar
Contact – +91 7720042784
We recommend –  Cheesy Chicken Burger, ₹250 (Exclusive of taxes)

2. Barn X-treme Burger At The Burger Barn Cafe, Multiple Outlets

When it comes to burgers, we say go big or go home. The Barn X-treme definitely falls in the first bracket. With two chicken patties topped with salami and seasoned chicken, an egg, mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushrooms and more, this is definitely a mouthful. It’s the perfect exercise for your jaws!

Burger Barn

Address –Multiple Outlets
We recommend –  Barn X-treme,₹310 (Exclusive of taxes)

3. Teriyaki Burger At Burgertron, Multiple Outlets

The best thing about burgers is that you can sandwich absolutely anything between two burger buns and it will still taste amazing. Case in point, the Teriyaki Burger from Burgertron. With a chicken patty doused in teriyaki sauce, fried noodles, garlic mayo and an egg, this is one whacky combination you won’t regret.

Burger At Burgertron

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Teriyaki Burger, ₹170 (Exclusive of taxes)

4. Tennessee Tenderloin Burger At TGI Fridays, Multiple Outlets

It doesn’t get more American than this burger. Two thick and juicy tenderloin patties, onion rings, pork bacon, a ton of cheese on warm toasted burger buns, this is a dream to indulge in. The more, the better, right?

Burger At TGI Friday

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost of Butter Chicken –  ₹799 (Exclusive of taxes)

5. Pulled Pork Burger At Burger Craft By Street Meat, Koregaon Park

You might think that a patty is very integral to a burger, which it is. But sometimes all you need is some slow-cooked pulled pork seasoned with BBQ sauce, cheese and kimchee and you are good to go. The good folks at Burger Craft have made sure that you get your pulled pork fix with this one.

Burger Craft

Address – Burger Craft by Street Meat, Lane 6, Shop 5, Vrindavan Garden, Opposite Cosmos Bank, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 9637405706
We recommend –  Pulled Pork Burger, ₹320 (Exclusive of taxes)

6. Lamb Meatball Burger At Botequim Cervejaria, Koregaon Park

Meatballs are synonymous with spaghetti, but they taste equally good in a burger avatar. The popular Brazilian restaurant makes a mean meatball burger and you might just start preferring it over your spaghetti and meatballs.


Address – Botequim Cervejaria, Survey 302, Lane 7, Power Plaza, Above State Bank of India, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 9158749997
We recommend –  Lamb Meatball Burger, ₹500 (Exclusive of taxes)

7. Fiesta Burger At Hard Rock Cafe, Mundhwa

If there was one burger that could capture the essence of Mexico in itself then it’s the Fiesta Burger at Hard Rock Cafe. The freshest burger out there, it comes with a generous dollop of freshly-made guacamole, cheddar cheese and tangy pico de gallo.

Hard Rock Cafe Pune

Address – Hard Rock Cafe, 81/82, East Main Road, Koregaon Park Extension, Mundhwa, Pune
Contact – +91 8408005080
We recommend –  Fiesta Burger, ₹580 (Exclusive of taxes)

8. Tandoori Soya Chaap Burger At Loft, Viman Nagar

A burger and a kebab in one, the Tandoori Soya Chaap burger has the achaari goodness of soya kebabs and creamy tzatziki making it a really well-balanced burger. They also make a really good Cajun Crispy Paneer Burger!


Image Credits: Zomato

Address – Loft, A – 0020, Ground Floor, Marvel Edge, Opposite Tulip Neco Garden, Viman Nagar, Pune
Contact – +91 9921696236
We recommend –  Tandoori Soya Chaap Burger, ₹210 (Exclusive of taxes)

9. Chilli Cheese Bomb Burger At RocoMamas, Kharadi

Self-explanatory, the Chilli Cheese Bomb Burger comes with a whole lotta cheese, fresh chillies and bacon. Make sure that you keep the fries on hand when the heat gets a bit too much for you. Although the cheese definitely neutralises the burger.

Burger at RocoMamas

Address – RocoMamas, Unit 9, Ground Floor, Tower 2, World Trade Centre, Kharadi, Pune
Contact – 080 46971596
We recommend –  Chilli Cheese Bomb Burger, ₹359 (Exclusive of taxes)

10. Lamb Cheeseburst Burger At Brgrmesiter, Kharadi

You can never have too much cheese. Especially not when it’s encased inside a lamb patty and just oozes out when you take a gigantic bite of your burger. That’s how you reach nirvana.


Address – Brgrmeister, Unit 6, Tower 2, World Trade Centre, Dholepatil Farms Road, MIDC Knowledge Park, Opposite EON IT Zone, Kharadi, Pune
Contact – +91 9561433827
We recommend –  Lamb Cheeseburst Burger, ₹399 (Exclusive of taxes)

11. Chicken Steak Burger At Burger, Multiple Outlets

On a tight budget but you really need some burger lovin’? Then you need to head to Burger. Its name might be pretty straightforward and simple but their Chicken Steak Burger is just fantastic. A favourite among college students, this tiny eatery will never disappoint you.

Image for representation

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend – Chicken Steak Burger, ₹100 (Exclusive of taxes)

12. The Asian Burger At Rastaman Soul Food, Baner

How can you ever say no to food trucks? They undoubtedly make some great food which is perfect after a night of partying. Let’s be honest. There is no pleasure akin to the one you get when you binge on a greasy burger at the end of the night. Bringing in some Asian flair to the simple burger, The Asian comes loaded with garlic mayo and tangy Asian sauces and a thick chicken leg fillet.

Rastaman Soul food

Address – Opposite Siemens Main Gate, Balewadi High Street, Baner, Pune
Contact – +91 7038417469
Cost of Butter Chicken – The Asian burger, ₹180 (Exclusive of taxes)

13. Chicken Burger At Aasing’s Kitchen, Multiple Outlets

Another one for people on a strict budget, Aasing’s makes some kickass burgers and they literally cost peanuts. I mean, when was the last time you paid just 60 bucks for a meal? At Aasing’s Kitchen, you definitely can.


Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Chicken Burger, ₹60 (Exclusive of taxes)

14. Sunrise Burger At Chili’s American Bar & Grill, Viman Nagar

Whoever said that you can’t eat burgers for breakfast, was an idiot. That’s the whole reason why breakfast burgers came into existence. Not only is it a great hangover cure, but the Sunrise Burger comes with a fried egg on top so you are not skimping on your protein intake for the day.

Sunrise Burger

Address – Chili’s American Bar & Grill, UG 49, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune
Contact – +91 9096140705
Cost of Butter Chicken –  Sunrise Burger, Price on request

15. Regular Fish Fillet Burger At The Burger House, Koregaon Park

You didn’t think we’d forget the pescetarians, did you? Seafood in a burger is one of the best goddamn things in the world and the Regular Fish Fillet Burger which comes with a crisp batter-fried fish fillet is one of the tastiest things we have had.

Burger House

Image for representation

Address – The Burger House, A/1, Lane 7, Rahul Terrace, Ground Floor, Meera Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 7709033596
We recommend –  Regular Fish Fillet Burger, ₹120 (Exclusive of taxes)

16. Goan Pork Sausage Burger At L’dorado, Multiple Outlets

With a fiery punch from the Goan pork sausages, this is one burger that you need to have when you are in Pune. The Punekar public loves L’dorado and once you have had a bite, you will too.


Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend – Goan Pork Sausage Burger, Price on request

17. Schnitzel Burger At Mahlzeit – Berlin Street Food, Koregaon Park

If there’s one country that does justice by its meat, it’s Germany. And if you want to try out some authentic German meat burgers then Mahlzeit is the place to be. Their Schnitzel Burger comes in all kinds of sizes and if you are feeling brave then go for the Quadruple Layer Beef Schnitzel Burger. Just make sure that you come on an empty stomach


Address – Mahlzeit, Shop 4, Sapphire Housing Society, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 9822403344
We recommend – Schnitzel Burger, ₹300 onwards (Exclusive of taxes)

18. Grilled Paneer Veggies Burger At Wink Meet & Eat, Baner

Health freaks, we got your back as well. When the burger cravings kick in, head over to Wink Meet & Eat and get yourself a Grilled Paneer Veggies Burger and you will be sorted for the day. We call it eating your proteins and vitamins.

Wink Meet & Eat

Address – Wink, Meet & Eat, Shop 8, Pride Valencia, Pancard Club Road, Baner, Pune
Contact – +91 9503537163
We recommend – Grilled Paneer Veggies Burger, ₹140 (Exclusive of taxes)

19. Epic Burger At Between Your Buns, Multiple Outlets

You could eat a burger with a single patty but would you really be satisfied? But if you have the speed and the appetite of an elephant then you can take the challenge of downing the Epic Burger in 10 minutes and getting it absolutely free. Ready, set, go!

Between Your Buns

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend – Epic Burger, ₹545 (Exclusive of taxes)

20. Smokey Joe Burger At Hardyz, Multiple Outlets

Nothing beats a burger that has a smoky chargrilled patty, een if it’s paneer. With a range of eclectic burgers on their menu, Hardyz is a great place to get your burger on with a big side if fries!


Image Credits: Zomato

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend – Smokey Joe Burger, ₹250 (Exclusive of taxes)

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