Foodies, These 6 North Eastern Restaurants In Bangalore Must Feature On Your Bucket List

best northeast restaurants in bangalore
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 839

Northeastern food is another world in itself. While you’d describe most Indian food as spicy, infused with masalas and sometimes oily, Northeastern cuisine is quite different. It’s defined by minimal use of spice, incorporating local herbs, fresh green vegetables, sometimes sesame, served with a platter of rice. Most Northeastern dishes come with a helping f protein like chicken, duck, freshwater fish, pork and beef. A journey through northeastern cuisine would mean tantalising your tasebuds with spicy, pungent and distinctive flavours. So, here are the 6 best Northeastern restaurants in Bangalore to take you on a journey of Northeastern cuisine.

1. Gam’s Delicacy In Koramangala

Koramangala houses a large population of Northeastern people, well this just means many amazing Northeastern restaurants to explore. The Guwahati-based Gam’s Delicacy is one of them. The spacious family restaurant has a pool table and refreshing mocktails, to keep the conversations going. Their signature Assamese dishes include the Veg Thali that comes with Joha rice, Mati Dal, Green Herb Fry, Pitika and Kheer. Carnivores must try the Bamboo Shoot Pork and Fish Tenga and Chicken with Banana Flower.

best northeast restaurants in bangalore

Picture Credits: Gam’s Delicacy/ Facebook

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2. Tanang Restaurant In Hennur

Venture into the world of Naga cuisine at Hennur’s Tanang Restaurant. This pocket-friendly restaurant, perfect for students offers lip-smacking Naga dishes like Smoked Pork with Axon and Beef with Tomato. Wholesome Naga non-veg meals consisting of rice, pork with bamboo, dal, boiled veggies and spicy chutney would leave you asking for more. It’s totally worth a drive to Hennur.

best northeast restaurants in bangalore

Picture Credits: Zomato

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3. Maven Kitchen In Ejipura

From the wooden seating arrangements, beautifully painted interiors to Northeastern handicrafts, Maven Kitchen in Ejipura is a trip to the Northeast. Apart from authentic Northeast dishes, Maven Kitchen also offers an array of Tibetan and Chinese dishes. The well-crafted traditional Manipuri Chicken combo, Naga-style Smoked Pork, Nga Atoba, the Manipuri fried fish curry are some Maven Kitchen specialities that would tantalise your tastebuds. If you’re adventurous, do try the Snails Curry and pair it with the fermented banana juice.

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4. Aalohi Restaurant In Whitefield

For authentic Assamese cuisine, head to Aalohi Restaurant in Whitefield. This charming restaurant bathed in colours of blue, walls painted in island-dolphin motifs is a wonderful place to kickstart your journey of the Northeastern cuisine. At Aalohi, do try the mustard-infused Xorioh Fish curry, a favourite among patrons. The Baahor Gaaj Chicken Curry, a slow-cooked chicken dish with bamboo shoots and Assamese veg and non-veg thalis are some must-try dishes here. End your meal with a glass of piping of Assam tea.

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5. Smokey Tribe Restaurant In Koramangala

Step into Koramangala’s Smokey Tribe Restaurant and you’d be taken aback by the traditional low wooden tables and seats that would instantly transport you to the Northeast. Famous for authentic Naga cuisine, Smokey Tribe Restaurant offers you Naga Salad, Naga Fish Fry and an array of chutneys, from Erumba to Axone, to get you started. The thalis are the highlight here that comes with rice, boiled veggies, dal, mashed potatoes, veg or meat fry, which will nourish you wholeheartedly.

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6. Chubalas Curry & Rice In Kammanahalli

Chubalas Curry & Rice is a half Naga, half Goan restaurant. Which we Desi foodies would remark the best of both worlds. With brick walls, old-school checkered tablecloths adorning tables, and nostalgic wall paintings,  this eatery in Kammanahalli, has warm, welcoming vibes. Start your meal with flavoursome appetisers like  Pork with Dry Bamboo Shoots and Chilly Chicken. For mains, feast on Anishi Veg Curry, Naga Chicken Masala and Naga Pork Thali. Smoked pork dishes and fiery chutneys are other specialities here.

best northeast restaurants in bangalore

Picture Credits: Chubalas Curry & Rice/ Facebook

Well, we hope these Bangalore restaurants specialising in Northeast cuisine will satisfy your tastebuds and introduce you to an aspect of Indian cuisine that’s vibrant, nourishing and super delicious.

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