Bora Bora In Juhu Offers A Unique Roulette Discount System To All Customers

by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja

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Bora Bora in Juhu is offering a Roulette Discount System that can earn you up to 36% discount. 

What Is It?

If you’re a fan of gorgeous sunsets by the beach while sipping on your cocktails, Bora Bora in Juhu is the right place for you. You can even spin the Roulette and earn yourself (and the entire bar) up to 35% discount on the bill! 

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Bora Bora

Every hour, a customer gets to spin the roulette and the discount percent changes! You can even indulge in the 40 item buffet till 1 Am. This will cost you anywhere between ₹450 to ₹700. Basically, unlimited food at a reasonable price. 

We tried the Bangda Tawa Fry, BBQ Wings, and Bora Bora Well-Way To Hell. The food complimented the spectacular view of the sunset perfectly!

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Bora Bora

Spin the Roulette wheel and earn up to 35% discount!


Where: Bora Bora, Juhu Tara Road, Opp Juhu Beach, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Phone: 091676 66713
Approx cost: Unlimited buffet costs between ₹450 to ₹700

Bora Bora

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