Camp In These Unique, Cylindrical Bamboo Tents Near Pune In The Lap Of Nature

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 254

There are several camping sites located in and around Pune like Lonavala, Khandala, and Bhor. You may get a lot of regular normal options for camping but this campsite is anything like your regular camps. If you are looking for a unique camping experience with your loved ones. The Aryavart Escape is a good pick for you. Located in the beautiful Maharashtrian town called Nhavi, they offer a unique camping experience in their cylindrical bamboo tents called The Loop.

Unique Camping Experience

The Aryavart Escape is a great pick for a quick weekend getaway with your loved ones. Located at a distance of just 2 hours from Pune. They are equipped with 2 stunning properties. One is located in Panshet which has beautiful triangle-shaped villas placed on 11 acres of the farm. The other is located in Nhayi and is an open space where you can relax in the lap of nature. The main appeal of this property is that it provides accommodation in a one-of-a-kind Loop Tent.

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The Loop: Activities and Facilities

The Loop is a cylindrical tent built with bamboo and wood. It has hard flooring and is raised above the ground. The loop has a floor bed, fairy lights, a chandelier a rug to give a homely vibe to it. The property is equipped with a total of 12 loop tents. The Aryavart Escape also provide a lot of fun activities as well like a live band, bonfires, movie nights, and popular games like chess or ludo as life-size versions, sounds fun right?  The price of the stay includes all meals and activities for two people.

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If you are looking for something bigger and more unique the property also hosts Quadra Tents, which are semi-circle-shaped structures. Quadra Tents are equipped with two small quarters within the semicircle to accommodate up to two people.


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