Delve Into 70 Kinds Of Sandwiches Served On FC Road In Pune

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 49540

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This small food joint located on FC Road in Pune, Flavours is serving 70 kinds of delicious sandwiches to devour on.

What Is It?

Time for your favourite snack? Head out to this eatery called ‘Flavours‘ located on the famous hangout spot of Pune, FC Road. Satiate your hunger pangs and dig into its scrumptious sandwiches that come in 70 different flavours, hence the name!

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What’s In It?

These sandwiches come with relishing flavours that even includes drool-worthy chocolate toast. You can try out 70 varieties of sandwiches here ranging from utterly cheesy to even chocolate-y. Wanna know what’s our favorite? Try out the Chocolate Toast. It is a toasted sandwich with oodles of chocolate inside and shredded chocolate from the outside. Bound to give you a foodgasm, this one is for the ultimate chocolate lover! Craving for cheese? Try the Garlic Cheese Toast for a pinch of garlic with melting cheese. FC road is also known to be the shopper’s paradise and after all that tiring shopping, one can take a break at this food joint and enjoy the yummy sandwiches.

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They have options catering to all kinds of audiences like Jain Sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, club sandwiches and even something for the sweet tooth – chocolate sandwiches.

The menu for sure will be a treat to your eyes and to your taste buds. Ranging from Corn veg club sandwich to veg-grilled cheese sandwich, they have all that you could wish for. One must try their baked-bean cheese sandwich and the showstopper being the chocolate toast which is one of the best chocolate sandwiches you’ll ever have in the city.

So, what’s your favourite flavour?

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Address: FC College Raod, Near Wadeshwar Hotel, Pune, Maharashtra 411030
Phone: 9822597261
Cost for two: ₹200

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