Dig Into Red, Blue & Green Dumplings At This Chinese Restaurant In La Mer, Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 408
Like it or not, we’re all obsessed with dumplings. Today, our dumpling craving has brought us to Bado Chinese in La Mer, which is quite famous for their dumplings. And this place is special because they’ve given a colourful twist to the otherwise white and humble dish. Also read: 5 Lip Smacking Places To Eat At La Mer

Binge On Red, Blue & Green Dumplings At Bado Chinese

It’s not uncommon to find soup dumplings at Chinese restaurants, but this Chinese restaurant does things a little differently. Bado Chinese in Jumeirah serves rainbow dumplings, each with a distinct flavor. The dumplings come in red, green, yellow, black, blue and white colours, and are filled with different fillings. Foodies can pick a variety of fillings ranging from beef, to chicken, seafood, veggie, lamb and crab. A basket comes with six dumplings and is priced at AED 38. They’re not only a treat to your eyes but your tummy too, as they taste absolutely delicious.
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That aside, the menu also offers a host of other Chinese delicacies. Binge on a sumptuous meal complete with starter, soup, soup, dumplings, sea food, poultry, flat breads and more. Kick off the Chinese food experience with signature fried fish sticks, salads or hummus with pita bread. Once you’ve warmed up your palette, move on to dumplings or bao. While the restaurant is famous for their dumplings, their baos are no less. Bado Chinese offers more than five different varieties of boas. From chicken to mushroom, lamb, and even a gold bao, there’s a lot to pick from. If you wish to keep it light, skip baos and enjoy some warm soup. For the main course, foodies can select from meat, seafood and veggie options. The meat section offers a wide range of beef delicacies ranging from Mongolian beef to broccoli beef, black pepper beef, and crispy beef fry. The seafood variety consists of shrimp, prawn and salmon, cooked to perfection with carefully picked spices. Vegetarians can binge on tofu, stir fired spinach, egg plant, or dynamite cauliflower. Also read: I-Scream At La Mer Serves All Things Weird & Wonderful 

Binge On Over 48 Varieties Of Momos At That Place Dubai

That Place Dubai is super famous for their momos. Be it veg, non-veg, steamed, fried, Afghani-style, or the utterly butterly delicious Butter Tadka momos- they serve it all. Besides, the momoscome in different fillings including veg, chicken, beef, keema and more! If you wish to indulge in a little more, try the veg and non-veg momoplatters. The platter serves over 12 different versions of momosin one go, and is perfect to satiate your momo craving. The vegetarian momo platter is priced at AED 45 and includes 3 Veg Momo + 3 Veg Cheese Momo + 3 Cottage Cheese Momo + 3 Mushroom Momo. The non0veg version on the other hand will cost you AED 60 and comes with 3 Chicken Momo + 3 Chicken Cheese Momo + 3 Beef Momo + 3 Mutton Momo.


Location: N13 La Mer North, Jumeira 1, Dubai Timings: Monday- Sunday: 11:00 am to 12:00 am Contact: +971 4 886 0123

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