Beer Yoga Is Now A Thing & Here’s Where You Can Do It!

by Jinal Inamdar
by Jinal Inamdar 36020

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‘Be-Arogya’ is now a thing and here it comes for all you fitness enthusiasts, in Delhi.

What Is It?

After London, Germany & Australia, Beer Yoga makes it way to India. Sip on ice cold beer as you follow the yoga routine. Globally, this concept is believed to make people stress free, relaxed & happy. Replace wieghts with beer bottles and balance your beer as you do asaanas. However, we do wonder how can ‘beer’ which is meant to give you a nice and round belly help you lose weight as you do yoga. Well, you gotta try this to know!

Who Is It For?

For beer lovers who like yoga, for yogis who like beer or for anyone who is over 16…


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