Dubai-ites Can Soon Relish A Whopping 50kg Burger At The Burger Factory Dubai

50kg Burger
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 428

Dubai is not native to juicy loaded burgers. Right from tasty beef loaded burgers to the big portion of American burgers, there’s everything that you can relish in Dubai. And now, to take the Burger craze to the next level, the emirate is soon going to get a 50Kg burger- yep, you read that right! Hungry already? Read on to know more about it.

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Known For Its Giant Burgers, The Burger Factory Is Set To Launch In Dubai With 50Kg Burger

The Burger Factory, which is known for its giant burgers is all set to launch in Dubai soon. The burger joint is known for its giant burgers with fries, sandwich burgers towering ten slices of bread high, hotdogs bigger than your appetite, and so much more.

The Place Will Offer Over 100 Variety Of Burgers With Loaded 5 Kg Patties

It is opening in Jumeriah 3, and to celebrate the launch, the chefs will be preparing a whopping 50 Kg burger and will challenge the customers to finish it. They have done it before with a 60kg burger creation at its restaurant in Romania. Now, would you dare to take up that competition?

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Well, in terms of the menu, the menu will be loaded with over 100 variety of Burgers. And each burger will have patties of no less than 5kg. And if you think the place is going all out with burgers, then you must know that they are known for their insane desserts as well. The Burger Factory will have a 5Kg Candy burger cake that’ll give you a food coma.

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