Dubai’s Black Food Trend: 5 Dishes You Must Try!

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1462

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A new food trend is catching up in Dubai and it seems like every restaurant has it on the menu. Yes, we are talking about Black foods. From charcoal burgers, to coffee, ice cream and rice, black is the color of the season, not just in fashion, but even in food.

Here are 5 delectable black dishes you must try in Dubai.

1. Black Latte At Secret Garden Cafe

The Secret Garden cafe in Dubai serves a deep black coloured charcoal latte and it’s to die for! The coffee is made of activated carbon, milk and vanilla extract and is divine!



Don’t get intimidated by the carbon. It has a whole lot of goodness wrapped in. Charcoal helps with kidney health due to its high absorption properties, aids teeth whitening and skin condition. So, now you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking coffee!

2. Star Castle At Stars N Bars

Would you eat a charcoal bun? Stars N Bars serves a burger made of charcoal bun and its yummylicious. Called the Star Castle, the burger has beef patty steam cooked on a generous bed of onions, topped with cheddar cheese and home-made sauce, stuffed in between a charcoal bun.

Clearly, this is a meal in itself and is solely for the ‘good’ eaters.

3. All Black Menu At Bridgewater Tavern

Seated on the ground floor of JW Mariot, the Bridgewater Tavern is also famous for its charcoal burger. But that’s not all. The restaurant has a special ‘BWT Signature- All Black’ menu which has a list of dishes and desserts you can savor in black. So, whether its black wasabi shrimps or black truffle mac and cheese nor nachos, they have it all in black!

Credits: Bridgewater DXB Facebook

Credits: Bridgewater DXB Facebook

Plus, their menu is black too. So, get ready for an all-black experience once here!

4. Charcoal Ice-cream at Scoopi Cafe

Charcoal ice cream anyone? Yes, this cafe serves steely-charcoal ice cream and we bet you are not going to get enough of it. One scoop is AED 31 or have it in a coal-black cone for AED 49.

Credits: Scoopi Cafe Facebook

Credits: Scoopi Cafe Facebook

It is pricey, but dig in and you’ll know what the hype is all about. Oh and don’t forget to take pictures!

5. Sea Food And Squid Ink Risotto At Nine7One

You sure know red, brown and white rice, but have you ever tasted black rice? Nine7One serves seafood and squid ink risotto and the rice is black! The rice is slowly cooked with lobster, shrimp, mussels, squid and squid ink and is topped off with generous amounts of Grana Padano cheese and sweet peas.

And it’s super healthy too! Black rice is high in Vitamin E, which bolsters the immune system- talk about a healthy meal!