Dubai’s Oldest Pakistani Restaurant Is A Must-Visit For Every Foodie

by Ishita Agarwal 499

Experience real South Asian food at Karachi Darbar Dubai, a tiny eatery that has earned a superb reputation for offering delicious food. Since opening in 1973, this family-run restaurant has grown into a worldwide enterprise while remaining faithful to its modest roots. So, bookmark this amazing place and enjoy some oldest Pakistani delicacies under one roof. 

Karachi Darbar Is One Destination For Pakistani Cuisine 

For the last 40 years, Karachi Darbar has promised premium food and services. Try the well-liked and well-known biriyani or go out and try the superb haleem, a hot stew of minced beef and lentils. In addition to serving typical Pakistani cuisine, Karachi Darbar also serves chicken and mutton curries from India and a few delicacies from China. 

Along with these delicious entrees, the menu offers a huge variety of bread. As one of the nation’s oldest traditional eateries, Karachi Darbar stands out for its dedication to quality and offers a history that has been passed down through the years. 

The Karachi Darbar Foundation was founded with the noble goal of offering the general public a different. Moreover, it provides a nutritious eating experience in a welcoming, comfortable setting. However, with quick delivery of hot bread on the customer’s plate without draining their wallets. 


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Indulge In Authentic Pakistani Cuisine in Dubai 

It is one of the oldest Pakistani restaurants in the UAE. So, get ready to indulge in mouth-watering food. You can try one of their cuisines such as Peshwari Chicken Kadhai, Mixed grill platter, fried rice, falooda and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Share with your friends and family and visit this fantastic place now!  


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