Try These Drool-Worthy Dumplings At Din Tai Fung

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1378

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Din Tai Fung is a famous find for all foodies who love to indulge in anything Chinese. Go here for their noodles, soups and dumplings! 

What’s It?

If you are craving Chinese food, then Din Tai Fung comes to your rescue. Dating back to Taiwan in 1958 Din Tai Fung is a well-known name among Chinese lovers. What started off as a cooking oil retail business in 1958, turned out into a full-fledged restaurant by 1972. And today, its famous for warm dumplings and noodles! 

What To Order?

Once here you are sure to be spoilt for choice, but remember Din Tai Fung has its roots in soups, dumplings and the noodle shop. Meat lovers can slurp on a warm bowl of beef, chicken or pork soups, while vegetarians can opt for a double boiled mixed mushrooms soup.

Credits: Din Tai Fung MOE Facebook

Credits: Din Tai Fung MOE Facebook

Once you soak in the warmth from the soup, head to the next best on their menu- Xiao Long Bao! One of the most popular dishes on the menu, these steamed pockets originate from Shanghai and are filled with a generous serving of meat and a small amount of hot soup. Slurp and eat!

Credits: Din Tai Fung MOE Facebook

Credits: Din Tai Fung MOE Facebook

As for their noodles, they come in different variants -marinated in a peanut, bean or a spicy sauce, tossed with meat and vegetables. Tangy, and spicy, this is comfort food at its best. And in case you’ve had enough of soups and noodles, try their veg fried rice, chowmein,  or crispy beef- you definitely won’t regret!

What Else?

Apart from their soups, dumplings, and noodles, the restaurant also serves lip-smacking desserts. From moist sponge cakes to steamed buns with fillings and an eight-flavour rice dessert, this place has something for everyone.

And just so you know, all their branches will be closed from 3-6 February for Chinese New Year.  


Location: 3 outlets- Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Al Ghurair Centre
Cost: AED 160 for two
Timings: 11:00 am – 11:30 pm
Contact: 04 2264448