Fat Kid Deli In Vashi Serves The Animal Burger And It’s Nothing Less Than A Monster

by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja 11724

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Looking for a challenge? Fat Kid Deli in Vashi, Navi Mumbai serves an Animal Burger that is not meant for the weak-hearted!

What Is It?

Navi Mumbai’s Fat Kid Deli is worth the drive! The place is as American as it can get. Just reading the menu will add on a few extra pounds and making a choice from it is challenging enough. They have contests too! From eating the hottest wings to gobbling up burgers and hotdogs. However, the real task here is the Animal Burger, the Quadruple being the toughest. With four meat patties (choice of chicken, beef, lamb), four types of cheese, their hit bacon jam and topped with barbecue sauce, the burger at Fat Kid Deli is one hell of a mission. If, and that’s a big IF, you have the tiniest possibility of more space in your tummy – their fried Oreos are to die for! Devour the Animal Burger at ₹1500. 

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What Else? 

Calling all the red velvet fans to try out the deep fried red velvet Oreos here. Regular Oreos are first dipped in sinful red velvet batter and deep fried to perfection. You’ll feel a melt in your mouth sensation with these yummy babies! Apart from that, they serve monster burgers, pizzas and more!

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Address: Fat Kid Deli, Unit F2, First Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Phone: 022 69993087, +91 9029393087
Approx cost: ₹1200 for two people

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