10 Things To Eat Under AED 10 In Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar
by Dhruv Maniar106277

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What we all love is food, and especially when it’s under our budget. To find affordable food but with amazing taste is really difficult. So we are helping you out, here are top 10 foods that you must try in Dubai which are under AED 10.

1. Aloo Wada At Persian 

Try the famous aloo vada sandwich in Dubai style. The sandwich will cost only AED 3 and is filled with potato vada which is then topped with a generous spread of mint chutney & salad. Farisian Cafeteria in Meena Bazaar is known to be one of the oldest & most famous quick-bite shops in Dubai. The cafeteria was started by Mr. Farhad from Iran in 1980 who began selling samosa, falafel & potato vada/tikki. 

Location: Meena Bazaar
Cost: AED 3

2. Shawarma  At Al Mallah 

Al Mallah Cafeteria is one of the most famous Arabic & Lebanese fast food restaurant in the UAE & has been around for over 33 years. Located at 2nd December Street in Satwa & 4 other locations, Al Mallah Cafeteria is a budget-friendly restaurant serving up the most delicious shawarmas along with pastries, falafel, sandwiches, grills, snacks, fresh juices that will keep you coming back. The juicy chicken shawarma will cost you AED 9. 

Location: 4 locations in Dubai including Satwa, Qusais, Mamzar area (2 outlets)
Cost: AED 9

3. Falafel AT Tasty Bite 

Falafel is like a staple food for many of us in Dubai but to find authentic and a delicious one is really difficult. Tasty Bite is a hidden gem in Meena Bazaar which sells one of the best Falafel sandwich in Dubai. The sandwich only costs AED 4 which is filled with salad, falafel and tahini.  Falafel or felafel is a deep-fried ball, doughnut, or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. 

Location: Meena Bazar
Cost: AED 4

4. Chips Sandwich At Al Hawala 

We found a samosa shawarma and a lot of you might already know it as the Sharjah Gold Souk Chips Sandwich. The chips sandwich will cost you AED 8 and is worth every Dirham. The sandwich is loaded with crushed samosas, fries, veggies and cheese over a medium sized pita bread. It’s then grilled to perfection and rolled in a butter paper. Mr. Thambi has been selling this sandwich for the past 19 years in Sharjah and recently decided to move to Dubai. It’s a simple meal that will make for an awesome treat for samosa lovers.

Location: Al Halawa cafeteria, Al Fahidi Souq, Bur Dubai
Cost: AED 8
Timing: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

5. Disco Sandwich At Palace Restaurant 

Palace Restaurant has been one of the oldest cafeterias in Meena Bazaar. It sells a very unique sandwich named as DISCO Sandwich. The sandwich is grilled and filled with a fresh made omelette, tomatoes and salad. The sandwich will only cost you AED 4. A simple and unique dish that is filled with flavours. 

Location: Meena Bazaar
Cost: AED 4

6. Omlet Sandwich – Raju Omlet 

Your day cannot start without Eggs at Raju Omlet. Raju Omlet is the first UAE local restaurant that has made in the books of Havard Business School Case Study. Want to grab a quick bite which is filling as well? Try the omelet sandwich for AED 10. It is an egg-cellent omelet sandwich with crushed onions, green chilies garlic, ginger and hint of spice. 

Location: JLT, AL Karama & AL Qouz
Cost: AED 10

7. Cheese Makaish At Al Reef

Cheese manakish is a simple Arabic snack where freshly baked dough bread is topped with cheese and usually a good amount of salt.  Whatever the ingredients, cheese manakish is the tastiest, cheesiest, gooiest delicious snack around and no one like Al Reef Lebanese which costs only AED 9. 

Location: AL Karama & Jumeirah
Cost: AED 9

8. Crunchy Bite At Filli Cafe 

Love eggs and Oman chips? You can now get both of it in one dish. The ultra-popular Filli cafe is known for its zafran tea but when you are there you also need to try their Crunchy Bite Sandwich. The sandwich is girlled to perfection filled with Mayo, Oman chips and Egg. 

Credits: Filli Tea

9. Hotdog At Zoom

I scream, you scream, we all scream for hotdogs. Zoom supermarkets across UAE sell freshly made hot dogs with an option of beef or chicken. The hotdogs are filled with sauces and veggies of your choice. The hot dog is freshly prepared and cots only AED 8.50.

10. Mini Cheese Pizza At Caesars Confectionery  

This has been every Dubai Kids favourite snack. From being available in school canteen to birthday parties, the mini cheese pizza at Caesar’s Confectionery is just mouthwatering. The mini cheese pizza just costs AED 1.58 and is perfect for an evening snack or late night eats.    

Location: Caesars Confectionery
Cost: AED 1.58

Credits: Caesars confectionery

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