From Hibiscus To Fig To Bacon & More, Canvas Gelato In Dubai Has Quirkiest Ice Creams

Canvas Gelato
by Ishita Agarwal

Most of us hardly ever deviate from the classic ice cream flavour. However, if you find chocolate and vanilla a little cliche, how about goat cheese ice cream with balsamic fig jam or smoked caramel with beef bacon? Welcome to the bizarre world of ice cream flavours that entice your taste buds, while leaving you perplexed. Let’s check out more about Canvas Gelato in Dubai. 

Welcome To The World Of Wacky Ice Cream

Canvas Gelato offers unique ice cream flavours for food enthusiasts, like peanut butter, hibiscus jam, tangerine, black tea sorbet, smoked caramel and bacon. In 2017, Almarri launched Canvas Gelato to set the standard for indulgent frozen sweets.

Pistachio baklawa, green apple wasabi, and saffron ice cream with Emirati pumpkin pudding are some of the most outlandish combinations. According to Al Marri, he entered the ice cream industry to serve better quality ice creams. The use of actual ingredients instead of artificial essence gives Canvas Gelato’s ice creams a distinct flavour. 


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Canvas Gelato In Dubai Challenges The World Of Ice Cream

Al Marri claims he enjoys challenging people’s palates with novel tastes by thinking beyond the box. When he collaborated with the best chef in the Middle East, Hattem Mattar, to create smoked caramel and candied bacon ice cream, it wowed ice cream fanatics. 

When they tried Aseeda’s Saffron Gelato Chocolate Fudge, many foodies liked it. The dish, a contemporary take on classic Emirati confection, is the product of a partnership with the regional bean-to-bar chocolate company Mirzam. And in Dubai, it became a massive hit!

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Today, a number of eateries and cafés in Dubai and Abu Dhabi serve varieties of Canvas Gelato. You can also purchase them online. The price of a one-litre tub ranges from 120 to 150 Dh. 


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Contact: You can Whatsapp them on 052 999 3565

Cost: Dh120 – Dh150. 

So, order these unique ice cream flavours from Canvas Galeto in Dubai, to relish some out-of-the-box icecreams. And don’t forget to let us know which flavour you liked the most. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Canvas Gelato