From Mishkaks To Rigags: Here Are All The Street Foods Of Oman

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by Safiya Khanam 352

Who doesn’t love street food? It’s always more flavourful than home-cooked versions. And brings such joy to stop on the pavement and get yourself something to snack on. The street food culture is not as ubiquitous as it should be but it is scrumptious so you better find good joints to savour some of the best street foods of Oman. 

From Mishkaks to Rigags, Oman has a variety of foods to try, and here are some of them you need to get your hands on. 

Top Street Foods Of Oman You Need To Try

1. Mishkak

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Mishkaks are a quintessential Omani experience. The meat on skewers being grilled is a frequent sight to see here. The best part about the Beef, shrimp and squid Mishkaks is the aroma they have. You can spot a Mishkak shop from a mile away. The spices and marination are mouth-watering and devoured by locals all year round. 

Where: Al Amerat Road
Cost: 150 Baiza to 500 Baiza

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2. Amba

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You will find boxes of these being sold outside parks. Both kids and adults love to snack on it. Amba is the perfect combination of unripe green mangoes sprinkled with salt, chilli powder and a little bit of lime juice. The sourness and spiciness are undeniably lip-smacking and definite addition to our list of street foods in Oman. 

Where: Qurum Natural Park gate, Qurum
Cost: 300 Baiza – 500 Baiza

3. Burgers

street burger

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No, we are not talking about McDonald’s or Burger King. We are talking about the fresh meat burgers grilled on charcoal and slapped onto a bun which is nothing but delicious. The fresh meat and the local spice mix are to die for. Moreover, the Cheetos and Chips Oman variant of local burgers demands a try at least once. 

Where: Opp. Al Mouj Muscat
Cost: 500 Baiza – 1.5 OMR 

4. Rigags


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These thin wafer-like crepes are mandatory at every Karak tea shop and are best enjoyed with them. Rigags come with different stuffing ranging from Nutella, cheese, and Oman chips or egg and cheese with a drizzle of honey. Might sound weird but surprisingly tastes yum. 

Where: Tea Corner (All Branches)
Cost: 300 Baiza – 500 Baiza

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5. Sweet Corn Cups

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Ah, this is truly a street food of Oman present in every shopping mall or park. A dollop of butter is mixed in with a cup full of sweet corn kernels along with a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper. That’s it, the recipe may sound simple but the taste is indeed magical. Feeling hungry post-shopping or want to eat something warm when the weather cools down? A cup of sweet corn shall do.  

Where: Al Riyam Park
Cost: 500 Baiza

6. Karak Tea

karak tea

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Karak Teas are exceptional. Despite not being considered a street food typically, Karak Tea belongs right on this list when talking about Oman’s food culture. It is nothing like masala tea or normal dip teas. Karak tea is a generously simmered tea on low heat which absorbs the flavours and aromas of the added cardamom or saffron. The tea is so good that this food is not limited to Oman but the entire Arabian peninsula. 

Where: Al Karam, Tea Corner, Tea Time
Cost: 100 Baiza

Last but not least, a much-loved soft drink here deserves a bonus appearance on this list.  How can we not add Mountain Dew when talking about Oman’s food culture?! It is, in simpler words, indispensable. It’s in every restaurant, coffee shop or remotely any place that sells food. 

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Going on a food trail here is a joy to your tastebuds and a treat to your wallet. What are some of the best spots you can find for these street foods in Oman? Let us know.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels/Oleksandr Pidvalnyi and Artem Saranin