From Mughal Gardens To Zero Bridge, G20 Delegates Engage In Sightseeing In Srinagar

G20 delegates srinagar
by Sanjana Shenoy

The G20 Summit 2023 currently held in Srinagar will end with a special sightseeing tour of Srinagar’s popular spots. The G20 delegates will roam around key historic places in the mountain city. To ensure the delegates have a safe tour, the security has been beefed up for the same. Read on to know which places the G20 delegates will roam around.

G20 Delegates To Tour Around Srinagar

According to a report by News18, the G20 delegates will go on a scheduled tour to famous spots in Srinagar like the Mughal Gardens. Officials revealed to News18, that the G20 delegates will visit the Mughal Gardens, inspired by the Persian style of architecture. They further stated that the delegates will also talk to the flower growers at the garden.

The security forces in Srinagar have been deployed in large numbers to ensure the safety of the G20 delegates as they tour across the city. The armed forces are carrying out random checks and even frisking vehicles for the same. This is happening on all roads that envoys would tour. Apart from Mughal Gardens, they will also pay a visit to the Government Arts Emporium.

Here, the G20 delegates will talk to artisans to understand the intricacies of Kashmiri art and handicrafts. Also, they’d witness live demonstrations of sozni, carpets, motifs and paper machine techniques, among others. To understand Srinagar’s new and revamped look, delegates will pay a visit to the city’s new smart city projects. The Ministry of Tourism is also sharing photos and videos of the visits on its Twitter handle.

Zero Bridge To Polo Market, Places On The Itinerary

This includes the newly inaugurated Jhelum Riverfront, which features long walking and cycling plants, colour flora, green spaces and illumination. The next place they’d visit is the Zero Bridge, the first bridge on the Jhelum River. This old wooden arch bridge is an important sightseeing spot in Srinagar. Polo View Market is another spot on the itinerary.

To see Srinagar’s new look under smart city projects, delegates will be taken to Jhelum Riverfront, Zero Bridge and Polo View Market, a majestic market that’s often the go-to place among locals and tourists for shopping.

Meanwhile, have you added these Srinagar hot spots to your itinerary as yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva