From Pink Hummus To Chocolate Hummus: 5 Quirky Hummus Variants In Dubai We Bet You Have Never Tried Before

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 380

Fusion food is in now, and almost everyone in the food industry is trying to create something new now and then! Every restaurant has jumped on to the bandwagon to add their flavour to staple dishes. And one such recipe that has evolved a lot over time is Hummus. Hummus – a dip made of chickpeas has undergone a massive makeover with time. And if you are a hummus lover and don’t mind trying new flavours of this Middle Eastern dip, then here are 5-most creative hummus dishes that you must try in Dubai. 

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1. Chocolate Hummus

If you are craving for something sweets, but don’t want to indulge much, then chocolate hummus is perfect for you. You can either have it as an appetiser or a dessert- it’s your pick. Quite a while ago, Kcal even launched a range of dessert hummus treats made up of three flavours including Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Mocha. 

Pic Credit: Trader Joe’s

2. Red pepper Hummus

This variant is more than a dip. Bursting with flavours and having a sweet after-taste, red pepper hummus is the perfect addition to a meal. You can try this delicious variant at Barsalata or try the pre-packed versions retailed at The Honest Counter and Lulu Hypermarket. Pair it with pita bread or with nachos, they taste good either ways. 

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Pic Credit: Food Network

3. Sweet Potato Hummus

 Sweet Potato Hummus is all about two soulful dishes mixed. Well, you may not like Sweet Potato Hummus in one go, but once you acquire a taste for it, you’ll certainly relish it. This variant is made by baking the sweet potatoes first before blending it with tahini, garlic, olive oil, salt and lemon. You can even attempt a curried version of the dish by adding a bit of curry powder to the roast or the blending process. You can have this with pita bread or just as a side dish. 

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Pic Credit: Bon Appetit

4. Beetroot Hummus

This variant is perfect for all you health freaks out there. Beetroot Hummus is loved by all and is quite popular across the globe. Pinza, Bystro in Al Safa and Hawader El Bait in Business Bay have really tasty beetroot hummus that you can try. This one definitely sits well with some fries or pita bread. 

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Pic Credit: Archana’s kitchen

5. Pink Hummus

Yep, beetroot and pink hummus are different from each other! The pink variant is made with pomegranate. It’s not only perfect for your taste buds but also adds value to your Instagram posts. A Jordanian restaurant with two locations in the city, Azkadenya takes classic Middle Eastern dishes and adds a splash of colour to them. They have one branch at the Mall of Emirates, which is quite famous. Because of its fruity flavour, this variant can be eaten as it is. 

Pic Credit: Yoga Journal

So all you dip lovers out there, with the weekend on its way, you have to try these quirky variants with your fam and friends right away. 

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