From Rainbow Burgers To Taco Ice Cream: Here Are 5 Dishes Available ONLY In Global Village

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 573

Global Village is known for many things, the most loved being food! It is impossible to leave this place without enjoying hot corn in a cup, roasted chestnuts, freshly prepared crepes, pastas, kebabs and much more. From chips Oman sandwich to dosas, cheesecake, and bubble tea, there’s nothing you cannot find here. However, the place can also be a tad overwhelming for first-timers.

So, here we bring you a list of dishes you can enjoy ONLY at Dubai’s Global Village. Make a note and don’t miss out on these!

1. Kokorec from Turkish Kokorec & Seafood

This tiny kiosk is located one of the food lanes in Global Village. But one hint to spot this is that you can see the Indian Pavilion visible on one end and America’s Pavilion from the other. A quaint, little eatery nestled among the many other tempting stalls, Kokorec & Seafood clearly stands because this the only place serving authentic kokorec.

Kokorec is a dish made of lamb or goat intestines wrapped around seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs, or kidneys, and typically grilled. The dish is considered a delicacy in Turkey and its right now available only at the Global Village in Dubai. The dish costs AED 30 and be warned- it is a whole meal in itself!

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2. All Things Passion Fruit At Passion Taste

Emirati-owned Passion Taste, is a new comer to this year’s Global Village. Docked near the Floating Market, the brand is yet to be launched elsewhere in the city. True to the name, every dish here – both sweet and savoury –incorporates a huge helping of passion fruit. The pina colada (AED 25) is a best-seller here. And if you’re looking for something savory, try the passion fruit dynamite shrimp and passion fruit chicken tikka wrap, priced at AED 25.

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3. Mala noodles At The Floating Market

Satiatie all your Asian food cravings at the Floating Market in Global Village. While you can binge on a host of chicken or seafood tom yum soups, BKK Station does a mean mala noodles dish, with spicy sauce imported from Thailand. The dish however is tweaked to suit the UAE palette and is priced at AED 40. Meanwhile here are 5 Places In Dubai That Serve Lip-Smacking Biryani Under AED 50.

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4. Rainbow Burgers & Taco Ice cream From Choices By MT

Walk a little ahead of Turkish Kokorec & Seafood and you definitely cannot miss the posters of bright-colored burgers. Choices by MT is a new Emirati-founded restaurant, which does not have other outlets as yet in the city. The restaurant serves some quirky burgers, but the ‘Rainbow’ burger caught our eye. In fact, rainbow-coloured dishes are the unique selling point of the restaurant.

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All burgers here are served in colorful buns. Binge on the chicken or and beef burgers (AED 35) or try the taco ice cream. This one has all the region’s favorites including pistachio, rose water and saffron, and is served in a curved waffle which is totally Gram-worthy! The ice cream is priced at AED 20. Meanwhile, here are 5 Extravagant Desserts In Dubai You Must Add To Your Gourmet Bucket List.

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5. Cakes & Custard From Custaphoria

Asian-style cakes are popular in Dubai. However, this little kiosk in Global Village takes things up a notch with custard and Nutella-filled versions. Try the tiny Korean cakes which cost AED 30 for 10 or opt for a Japanese cake that comes with Nutella, Oreo, custard and even baklava. Seal your sugar craving with Custaphoria’s hot drink (AED 21).

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