Get Wheat Beer Dumplings At Mumbai’s New High Energy Bar, Shibui by Shizusan


The newly opened Shibui by Shizusan outlet at High Street Phoenix, Mumbai is nothing but amazing. Shizusan as a brand known for its Southeast Asian Cuisine has taken the bar higher by introducing their high energy bar called Shibui which boasts of jazzy interiors and a larger than life vibe for all the party enthusiasts

Enter through Shizusan admiring the artful décor of soft pastel shades of Pink & Green while you make your way to a whole new feeling at Shibui. This place sets the perfect blend to enjoy Asian flavors along with mouthwatering quirky cocktails

Start By Trying Some of the best seller dishes like the Wheat Beer Soup Dumpling Bao and if you love Beer then this one’s for you, these dumplings are infused with beer jelly, minced chicken & beer soup which pops with softness as soon as you take a bite.

The next one was the Japanese Footmaki- Fat Boy Rool which consists of sake-infused Shitake mushrooms, Japanese omelette along with many other ingredients tactfully wrapped to make a perfect Sushi Roll.

The next one you should go for is the Wasabi Dusted Okra & Lotus Stem, which has wasabi marinated okra and lotus stem served with Japanese spicy mayo and was definitely one of our top picks.

The next one. The next one to dig in is the Gai Sai Takrai, which has chicken marinated in the flavor of lemongrass, galangal, birds eye chili & served with coriander Kikkoman sauce.

Leaving without trying some of their yummy cocktails is a total shame. Try the Jamun Club, to give it the right punch they offer a couple of dried Jamuns to go along with it as well.

Some of the other signature cocktails are the White Lady, Asian Mary & the Mango Falernum Sour

Shibui by Shizuan is definitely a place for the best of both worlds to come and enjoy dinner with family or have a good time drinking with friends.

Bianca Saurastri
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