Grab 10 Friends And Rent This Caravan In Spiti Valley At Just ₹9,990 Per Night

Spiti Valley caravan
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 288

Only a few things in this world could be as intense as the beauty of Spiti Valley. Located in the higher stretches of Himachal, Spiti is a true paradise with snow-capped mountains, breathtaking glacial lakes, beautiful monasteries, mountain bridges and much more. The Spiti Valley is home to the world’s highest village Komic. It also has the highest post office in the world at Hikkim. The splendour of the place is unparalleled. Now imagine exploring this unparalleled magnificence by staying inside a hippie-style caravan. Taurus The Truck is a caravan parked in Spiti Valley that can take nomadic travellers to the nook and cranny of the destination.

Explore The Beauty Of Spiti Valley In This Cosy Caravan

The grey caravan has tent-style windows with rooftop camping facilities. With all the necessary amenities like kitchen, washroom and beds, the caravan is like a hotel room on the move. It is also equipped with Wifi and a first aid kit. Guests can park the vehicle by a crystal blue lake in the middle of the mountains and indulge in nature walks, open-air dining and much more. The caravan also offers hammocks to add some more zing to the surreal experience. It has four double beds, four single beds, two sofa sets and two hammocks. A complete home in the mountains, ain’t so?’

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Spend The Night By Gazing At Billions Of Stars

While mornings give travellers an opportunity to catch a clear view of the mountains, nights here can be enjoyed by gazing at the billions of stars illuminating the terrain. Parking the caravan, guests can sleep under the stars, soaking in the cold air.

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The entire caravan can be rented at ₹9,990/night and it can fit 10 guests. To book your stay, click here

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