India’s First Earth-Sheltered Home Near Mumbai Will Transport You To ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Movie Set

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 477

If you are a fan of the famous trilogy movie Lord Of The Rings, then this property is a dream come true for you. These small rustic homes will transport you to the sets of the popular movie. Inspired by the properties of New Zealand mount Victoria and located in Murbad, Maharashtra, it is India’s first earth-sheltered home that is just 2.5 hours away from Mumbai. Read on to know more.

About Saffron Stays AsanjA

SaffronStays AsanjA is a mesmerizing earth-shelter home with 360° views of the mighty Sahyadri Hills, located 2.5 hours from Mumbai and Pune. The property has 5 rooms, divided between Dragonfly and Titlay that is equipped with 3 room home and 2 room home. It is ideal for 6 to 9 people at one time. You can book this beautiful property for a get-together, reunion, or a celebrations. Despite the architecture of the home being cave-like the living room is spacious and brightly lit with natural sunlight coming through the curved windows and skylights on the roof. The open-planned kitchen can accommodate up to 9 people.


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Properties Architecture And Facilities

The first bedroom has a skylight right above the bed offering a beautiful view of the night sky. The hallway is dotted with the earthy mosaic dome atrium lined with beautiful aquamarine green-blue ceramic pottery. The master-bedroom open ups to various facilities like a rain shower and a swimming pool that overlooks the lush green hills. The picturesque earth sheltered home has various board games, carrom, foosball table, and playing card. The villa features a signature menu offering you to choose between various cuisines. From authentic dishes made from local produce to an exotic international layout.

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