Internet’s New Momo Variation, Momo Shots Are What You Need To Try ASAP!

Momo shots
by Tejashee Kashyap

Do you enjoy momos as much as everyone else who enjoys food? Or perhaps you often end up buying momos online or your dream date idea is to go out to eat momos together. If so, try the newest fusion: momo shots.

What Are Momo Shots All About?

If you are based in Surat, Gujarat, don’t miss trying the new version of momo called the momo shot. As seen in a video shared on the internet by @thehungrysurati, a college student brings this new variation. The momos are smaller than the regular-sized momos and are served in a plate of 8-10 pieces. They do seem to make for a quick and filling snack.

The preparation of momo shots is similar to that of regular momos, with the only difference being the size of the dumplings. The filling for momo shots can vary widely, ranging from chicken, pork, or beef to vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, or mushroom.

The filling is then placed in the centre of each circle, and the edges are folded and pleated to seal the filling inside. The dumplings are then steamed or fried until cooked through and served with a spicy tomato or soy-based dipping sauce.

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India’s Momo Obsession

Momos are timeless; they are always in fashion. Yet, trying new things is never harmful. Or is it? Recall the Internet’s fascination with Momo Ice Cream Rolls, which featured a Delhi seller and went viral. People seem to want to include momos in whatever they consume, whether it be chocolate momos, maggi momos, or oreo momos.

Momos have surpassed such stalwarts as samosas, pakodas, and vadas to rank among India’s most popular street delicacies. Also, there will always be new momo kinds that we can’t wait to try as long as there are devoted momo enthusiasts.

So, when are you going to try these momo shots?

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/the hungry surati

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