Kamiya Jani In Conversation With Salman Khan For Bigg Boss 13


Our Bigg Boss of Curly Tales, Kamiya Jani interviewed the Bigg Boss of Bollywood, Salman Khan. Little did she know that this was going to be her most memorable interview and Salman Khan’s ‘favourite’ interview ever. The Superstar of Bollywood did give us an important tip, to not expect anything from BiggBoss 13. As this is one great way we can enjoy this season thoroughly. Apart from this, the interview did take an unexpected turn, which you have to watch to find out. Let’s just say Salman Khan was right in the Bigg Boss 13 ad: Interview Bann Gaya Khichdi Aur Phel Gaya Raitaa.. Raitaa

Sanjana Shenoy
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