Kanpur Man Shot By Policeman Moves To Delhi & Becomes The Nutri Kulcha King | Street Stories S2 Ep 17

by Tonakshi Kalra
by Tonakshi Kalra 235104
Meet Nutri Kulcha King of Delhi, Mr J.P. Singh who came from Kanpur to Delhi years ago, not willingly, but due to a tragedy that changed his entire life. He was gunshot by a drunk policeman at his food stall in Kanpur for not giving him a Chicken. Since the day he moved to Delhi with his family, he struggled to make his way and earn livelihood for them. From staying with his family in an 8*8 room, selling Tomato soap on road to introducing Nutri Kulcha in Delhi along with many dishes, he’s come a long way. Today, he runs a food stall named ‘Punjabi Flavour’ in Pitampura and made his own name in Delhi. Watch his full story and get inspired!
Q.U. Block, DDA Market, Pitampura, Delhi

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