Labour Of Love Movie Nights Happening Every Thursday

by Dhruv Maniar
by Dhruv Maniar 181

Under 140 Characters 

BigZ, events have partnered with du to launch “Labor of Love”, a series of movie nights for the hard working labourers across the UAE, spread over the next two months. 

What Is It?

We all love the dazzling infrastructure and beautiful roads this country has to offer, which we proudly boast about, but what about the men who actually put in all the efforts to make this beautiful city. Dubai alone has over 500,000 labourers who are responsible for the hard work that goes into manually creating such a dazzling city. They are the real heroes who actually put in all the hard work which leaves them with very little time for entertainment and leisure. To fill some happiness and colour in their world BigZ, events have partnered with du a local telecom provider and has launched a series of movie nights for the hardworking labourers across the UAE called “Labor of Love”. The team will host free movies along with popcorn and karak chai for these hard-working teams that build the city infrastructure.

Event Director at BigZ, Navneet Kaur, added, “We are very grateful to the team at du for supporting this initiative to give back to the blue-collar workers in the country that put in some long hours to building the country’s infrastructure. Movies are an escape and for many of them, this is a luxury that they cannot afford. We are pleased to put some joy back in their lives and help them recoup and recover from their strenuous weeks.”

What’s In It? 

The event will screen a movie over 40 movies scheduled every Thursday evening over the next two months across various sites in the Emirates. The “Labour of Love” not only showcases free movies but also provides the labour with free cinema, popcorn, Karak chai along with recharge phone vouchers so that the workers can phone their loved ones at home.


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