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    Aaah Rajasthan! A tale of royalty, regalness and love. If luxury and royalty is your call, read on because we have found a gorgeous property, situated in a rural village, that will treat your like a Maharaja/Maharani.

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    Rohet Garh, Rajasthan

    Rohet Garh is a classified Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Named after the village of Rohat, where it is located, Rohet Garh – which literally translates to House of Rohet – has been developed over the course of 15 years. This heritage property was once the abode of the then Maharaja of Rohat and has been passed down through generations. The property has been nurtured and developed with great love and care by the family into one of the finest Heritage hotels in the country.

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    rohet garh

    Rohet Garh is seated right on the banks of a lake with a temple in the horizon. The only sounds to be heard are the chirping of the birds, the call of the peacocks & the whoosh of tranquility. Like an oasis in a desert, Rohet Garh is blessed with a sprawling lawns and manicured gardens. I found myself seated on these lawns as time stood still and the smell of the fresh Earth wafted by.

    rohet garh rohet garh

    Another one of my favourite spots would have to be the superb swimming pool with four charming pavilions. Often dinner is served by the poolside as folk musicians enliven the evening atmosphere. An elegant, beautifully appointed lounge, serene verandahs, and terraces with breathtaking views, make perfect venues for relaxation.

    rohet garh rohet garh

    The Rooms

    The rooms of Rohet Garh are an ode to a time gone by – quite literally. The thirty-four individually decorated rooms retain an element of old world charm and the family has been careful not to mess with the original structure. Each room is blessed with Rajasthani artwork, mirrored cushions and a balconette of sorts with a view of the lake camouflaged against the brown mud.

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    The Cuisine

    Rajasthani cuisine and service is legendary and Rohet Garh lives up to every bit of Rajasthani tradition. It proudly boasts of the finest kitchens in traditional cuisine. The chefs have been trained by the lady of the house, the late Thakurani Sahiba, who was the author of Cuisine of Rohet Garh and Quick and Easy Rajasthani Cuisine, the former published due to popular demand from our guests. Many have called their meal at Rohet Garh, their best in India.

    rohet garh

    Indulge in an authentic Rajasthani Thali as you watch the sun dip into the horizon or learn how to cook authentic laal maas from the Prince himself. If Rajasthani fare is not the only thing you wish to eat, indulge in more continental fare instead. the options are plenty and the meals fantastic.

    The Guests

    The peace and tranquility of the environs have drawn writers from around the world. Rohet Garh has had the honour of hosting some of the most respected names in the literary world. Bruce Chatwin and William Dalrymple practically lived at Rohet Garh for four to five months working on their respective books, The Song-lines and The City of Djinns. Patrick French too is a friend of the family’s and has spent time at Rohet Garh, as did Simon Winchester and Jeffery Morehouse.

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