Making Veganism Delicious! 7 Plant-Based Food Brands That Are Trending In 2023

Plant-Based Foods
by Mallika Khurana

If you don’t eat meat or if you’re cutting back a little for the environment or your health, you can use some culinary alchemy to turn chickpeas, cauliflower, butternut squash, eggplant, mushrooms, jackfruit, tempeh, and tofu into some close-to-meat miracles. Not only does it sound difficult to prepare, it will not taste like the real thing. To actually stick to vegan , plant-based products after having real meat can be a challenge since flavor and texture is what we crave.

That’s where plant-based food comes in. Try one of the plant-based meat alternatives that are now readily available in most supermarkets. There are numerous of them.

We have prepared a list of plant-based food brands for you that are actually good.

Best Plant-Based Food Companies

1. Shaka Harry


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The term ‘mock meat’ refers to substituted meat products. It is made of processed plant-based proteins that have a taste, feel, and texture similar to meat. Mock meat is becoming more and more popular in our nation and is offered in wide varieties. Shaka Harry is one of the best brands you can opt for when it comes to innovative, delicious, and healthy vegan alternatives. You must try their achari chicken momos, chicken fries, chicken stuffed paratha, mutton samosa and more.

Website: Here

2. Beyond Meat


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Beyond Meat aims to imitate the sensations you enjoy and is as mouthwatering as meat. For foodies looking for a healthier alternative to meat products, their products are jam-packed with delicious plant-based goodness. Try their plant-based samosas, kebabs, and just-like-meat nuggets, sweet Italian sausages, beef crumbles, chicken tenders, popcorn chicken; and more.

Website: Here

3. Impossible Foods


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Impossible Foods brought a ground breaking concept to our country by offering us the best of both worlds with vegan meat. They are focused on making the world a better place for our future generations.

You must try their Italian meatballs, ground beef, burger patties, and teriyaki chicken right away!

Website: Here

4. Blue Tribe


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Blue Tribe is a must try brand for everyone who is new to trying vegan products. Never compromising on flavour, Blue Tribe has Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as their founders.

They are especially popular for their plant-based chicken nuggets, mutton keema, chicken Darjeeling momos, smoked chicken sausage, and spicy pork sausage. 

Website: Here

5. Imagine Meats


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Imagine Meats is a vegan and plant-based meat brand for the Indian market. This brand was introduced to us by Bollywood personalities Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh. Their chicken seekh kebab, burger patties, spiced sausage, and chicken tikka masala are to die for.

Website: Here

6. Urban Platter


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Urban Platter deals in a variety of ready-to-eat mock meat products made from plants, including jackfruit and soya beans, that have been seasoned with a number of different condiments. Their cheddar with tomato and basil cheese, almond milk, soy milk powder, and vegan meat tikka are must-try variants.

Website: Here

7. Katharos

Katharos Cheeses, the only vegan cheese in India that is free of oil, soy, dairy, and gluten, were introduced in 2019. They are exceptional when it comes to quality, texture, and flavour. Their product range is wide, with options like vegan cheese blocks, cheese sauces, feta cheeses, energy balls, and more.

Website: Here

Which one of these are you going to try first?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Impossible Foods

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