5 Michelin Star Restaurants In The US That Offer Indian Food With A Modern Twist

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 165

The US has several Michelin-star restaurants to choose from. There are around 35 Indian restaurants that are reviewed by the Michelin guide. They offer traditional Indian food with a modern twist. If you are holidaying in the USA this summer and craving delicious Indian dishes. Here are 5 Indian Michelin star restaurants in the US to eat from.

1. Rasa Contemporary Indian, California

Based in the Californian city of Burlingame, Rasa was awarded one Michelin star in 2016. It is a progressive South Indian restaurant, opened by Ajay Walia. Their menu serves various dishes as chutney prawn served with cucumber salad, the pumpkin kofta, and the Bollywood dosa with ghost chilli chutney spread.

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2. Angel, New York

Punjabi delicacies are the highlight at Angel in NYC’s Jackson Heights, served up by chef Amrit Pal Singh. Indulge in their scrumptious dishes like homemade paneer khurchan served with a dark, zesty curry of tomatoes and peppers

3. Daru, Washington

This Michelin star restaurant has a wide variety of different foods like Blue Cheese Reshmi Kebab served with sour cherry reduction and cashews, the Bison Momo with Szechuan peppercorn, and the Nariyal Lamb Shank prepared with saffron, Kashmiri chili, and coconut and served with basmati rice.


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4. Mango Pickle, Chicago

This restaurant in Chicago serves classic dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and with a twist on the traditional Mango Pickle. Chef Marisa Paolillo inspired by her travels across India decided to open a restaurant celebrating the diversity of dishes in India.

5. Vajra, Chicago

Vajra is a michelin-star restaurant in the United States of America. They take simple flavours and put in a modern twist on Indian and Nepali cuisines. The executive chef is born in Nepal, Min B Thapa is well versed in the culinary scene of Chicago. Vajra serves one of the best and most delicious crispy pakoras, samosas, and flaky parathas. Their exquisite menu highlights curries like lamb vindaloo with jasmine rice.


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If you are vacationing in the US, visit these Michelin stars restaurants serving delicious Indian cuisines across the US.

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