Nagpur’s Famous Visually Impaired Kalyan Ji Makes Finger GupChups

by Madhusree Chatragadda
by Madhusree Chatragadda 469044

Many times our parents have warned us that life often throws many curveballs towards you and no matter how hard they are, we must keep persevering to succeed in life. And just as many times, us fortunate ones have brushed these warnings aside. But for Nagpur’s Kalyan Ji, life was a long and dark journey of struggle. Having lost his eyesight at the mere age of 3 years old, he now runs an iconic shop selling a unique dish called Finger Gupchups. Find out about this remarkable journey only on Curly Tales’ Street Tales, Episode 3.

The Dish

The fireball of a dish known as Pani puri is called by many names all over the country like Pani Batashe, Gol Gappe, Gup Chup, Puchka etc. Each is fiery and delicious in its own way. But have you ever heard of Finger gupchups? We hadn’t either! But it’s exactly what Nagpur’s Kalyan Ji is famous for. Crispy Finger Fryum treats stuffed with a potato filling and served with a cup of his signature Chutney. Our mouths are watering already.

The Story Behind The Incredible Kalyan Ji 

To feed someone, one requires a clean and big heart, whether he has an eye-sight or not. And this is true to Kalyan Ji from Kalyan who cannot see but the fingers gupchup made by his hands are famous all across Nagpur. From the Jaripatka area of Nagpur, he has been selling gupchups for the past 40 years.

His family was based in Pakistan and they came back to India during the partition. Kalyan Ji has spent a lifetime of struggles, having lost his eyesight at the tender age of 3. Due to abject poverty in his family, his parents could not get him treated resulting in his permanent loss of eyesight.

But despite all of this he has just one motto in life and that is to live independently and happily. He also has an affinity towards kids and daily at 5 pm in the evening he begins selling gupchup when kids leave from schools or tuitions and come tumbling into his small store.


Not just kids, adults frequent the store too in search of his famous chutney that cannot be replicated anywhere. Now 77 years old, Kalyan Ji is a symbol of strength and courage in the face of adversity. Whether he can see or not he looks at life with a colourful vision, Kalyan Ji is a great inspiration to all of us.

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