New Study Reveals Healthiest Cities To Visit This Year

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A new study by Travel Supermarket has revealed the healthiest cities in the world. Find out if Dubai made it to the list!

What’s It?

Health freaks, listen up! A new study by Travel Supermarket has revealed the healthiest cities in the world. So in case, you’re looking at enjoying a ‘healthy’ break, here’s where you must head. 

According to the study, Paris topped the list of healthiest countries in the world. The Healthiest City index picks the top 100 ‘wholesome’ cities in the world based on several factors including vegan restaurants, spas, health food stores, yoga, pilates studios and parks. 

The average amount of sunlight and the cost of living per night in the city were also considered during the evaluation. Paris bagged the top spot with 894 spas, 1,305 vegan restaurants, 155 health food shops and 139 green spaces. Chiang Mai in Thailand came second with 273 spas, 307 vegan restaurants and about 2,512 average hours of sunlight per year. 


(Image Credit – PR Newswire Asia)
The Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao

This was followed by Barcelona, Pattaya in Thailand and Vancouver in Canada, rounding off the top five positions. Abu Dhabi bagged the 42nd place while Cairo and Riyadh also made it to the top 50. 

Here are the top 10 cities:

Chiang Mai
San Francisco
Buenos Aires

What Else?

Which? Travel a magazine recently released a list of the safest and unsafest countries to travel to in the world. After accessing factors like health risks, population, pollution, crime and natural disasters, Which? Travel has come up with a list that could possibly predict the tourism scene of various countries over the coming years. UAE, Spain and Singapore have turned up on the top for the safe travel countries but the top safest country turned out to be Iceland.

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