Pay AED 50 For Wasting Food At Gulou Hotpot In Dubai

by Jui Nikita 1956

Under 140 Characters

Eat all that you can in AED 49 but if there is any food left in your plate, be ready to pay AED 50.

What Is It?

Chinese restaurant, Gulou Hotpot at Al Barsha in Dubai now charges a penalty to customers for wasting food. The restaurant has an ‘All you can eat’ offer for 2 hours for just AED 49 but if you don’t finish what you’ve taken then AED 50 is added to your bill at the end of the meal.

This  has been introduced to reduce the amount of waste that the restaurant produces and also makes sure that diners think about what they order, according to what they need. A good way to get diners to finish what’s on their plate.

credits: Gulou Hotpot Facebook

What Else?

 Choose a broth to share with the table & add as many ingredients as you like from the menu to cook before you. Options include chicken, beef, fish, tofu and vegetables as well as noodles and desserts.

So would you dare to waste any food?