Offbeat Track Podcast By Curly Tales EP 10: Girl Confesses Her Love In Almora, Uttrakhand

In the second part of Finding Your Soul At Peora from the Offbeat Track Podcast, we bring you the story of Harsh, who is a musician. He is depressed with things happening in his professional life. On his friend’s suggestion he decides to visit Kanpur, his hometown but ends up in Peora Uttarakhand. He meets an old friend over there and things take a slight twist. Catch the full episode on all Podcast streaming apps.

Harsh: Abhishek Kumar
Zoya: Karishma Patel

Ravi – Durgesh Patidar

Producer – Abhishek Kumar

Editing- Mukesh Mandloi

Sound Design- Abhishek Kumar

Song Used: Chaahaton ke, Copyright: Zero9Degree Studios | Voice: Raju Naik

                     Saath Mera, Copyright: Zero9Degree Studios | Voice: Raju Naik

Theme Music- Raju Naik

Mixed by- Prasenjit Das

Graphics- Abhishek Kumar

Podcast Lead- Priyanka Ganwani

Creative Lead- Siddharth Aalambayan

You can listen to Part I of Finding Your Soul at Peora

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